Are Electric Fireplaces Bad for your Health? 7 Reasons to go Electric

No!!! In fact, electric fireplaces are the best for your health. They do not produce any harmful gases or dangerous fumes. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide fumes do not stand a chance with electric fireplaces. Smoke particles like in the case of a wood fireplace are just a story with electric fireplaces. 

Electric fireplaces will not only maintain your good health but also help those with already existing health conditions. It will help people with respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis. Such people require clean air and electric fireplaces are the only solutions. Below, in this article, there are other reasons why you should choose electric fireplaces over wood and gas fireplaces.

Are Electric Fireplaces Worth It? 

Electric fireplaces are expensive to buy and maintain because they increase the electric bill. But is all this worth it? Below are reasons why you should have an electric fireplace instead of a cheap wood-burning fireplace or a gas fireplace. 

  1. Safety 

As discussed earlier, electric fireplaces are safe for your health because they do not produce harmful fumes and smoke. Those with respiratory problems do not have to worry because electric fireplaces leave you with the cleanest air. The smoke and flames you see on an electric fireplace are not real. 

Electric fireplaces are also safe for babies and pets. You do not have to worry that your baby will catch hot burning coal like in the wood-burning fireplace. 

Or your favorite pet will inhale dangerous fumes like in the gas fireplace. However, you must supervise your baby or pet whenever the electric fireplace is on.

Electric fireplaces have minimal to no fire risks. They do not have flying embers like in the wood-burning fireplaces. These flying embers are the most dangerous because they can easily fall on a flammable substance. Electric fireplaces also do not have gas leaks like in the gas fireplaces. Gas leaks cause the worst fires and big destruction of property. 

  1. Decorations and aesthetics 
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Electric fireplaces come in many different styles and designs. This gives you a chance to choose a fireplace that matches your home’s décor. Some manufacturers give you a chance to make a custom-made order of the design and style that is most appealing to you. This is not possible with gas and wood fireplaces. 

Electric fireplaces have neon lights and LCD screens that produce wonderful but unreal flames and smoke. Such things add aesthetics to your home. Nowadays some electric fireplaces come with sound effects like crackling wood. Such sound effects make you feel you are outside camping around a fireplace.   

  1. Flexibility portability and space-saving 

Electric fireplaces come in different shapes and sizes making them flexible to install. You can mount them on the wall or combine them with other house furniture like TV stands, bookshelves, and mantels. 

Doing so saves a lot of space in your house. Unlike the traditional wood fireplaces that take up most space in your house. Most electric fireplaces are 5 to 10 inches big. 

Most electric fireplaces weigh between 10kgs and 50kgs making them easy to move around. If you like changing apartments, it is easy to move with your electric fireplace. 

Some have small wheels allowing you to move with them around the house. Unlike wood-burning fireplaces which most of them are permanent. 

  1. Long life span 

Buy an electric fireplace and you will enjoy the value of your money for longer. Electric fireplaces use a simple mechanism that does not wear out fast. It draws in cold air, warms it up using a heating coil, and pushes out the warm air. Unlike the wood-burning fireplace that produces smoke and excess heat that corrodes the parts. 

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Follow simple maintenance tips and your electric fireplace will be with you for years. The important maintenance tips are cleaning and regular electric inspection. 

  1. Easy and cheap to install 

Remove it from the box and plug it in then you are done. Electric fireplaces do not have tiresome procedures like gas and wood fireplaces that require you to hire contractors. 

There is no legal permit you require like the gas fireplaces. There is no installation cost with electric fireplaces because most things are easy. 

However, some electric fireplaces are complex and require an expert to install. For example electric fireplaces with several control boxes and remotes. Sometimes the seller can carter for the installation cost of such electric fireplaces.

  1. Better heating 

With electric heaters, there is no heat lost through the ventilation and chimney. All of the warm air is released in the room. It is also easy to control the heat because you can set the maximum amount of heat you need. Once the maximum temperature is attained the thermostat will cut the power switching off the fireplace. 

This automatic power control saves a lot on electric costs. Compare this with a wood-burning fireplace which is hard to control its heat. 

An electric fireplace is also easy to switch on and off. Unlike wood fireplace which you have to look for wood and stack it together and is also hard to put it off. 

  1. Environmentally friendly 

Global warming is a big problem worldwide and it is caused by corrosive fumes like carbon monoxide. But the good news is that electric fireplaces do not produce these dangerous fumes hence recommended by environmentalists worldwide. 

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Compare this to burning-wood fireplaces which produce carbon dioxide and smoke particles that cause acid rain. Cutting down trees to get wood is also bad for the environment. Gas fireplaces also produce dangerous fumes that corrode the Ozone layer and can cause acid rain. 


It is wrong to say that electric fireplaces are bad for your health. This is because electric fireplaces produce the cleanest air. They do not produce harmful fumes like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and smoke particles. They maintain good health and also help those with respiratory problems. 

Electric fireplaces not only have health benefits but also have other benefits. They are safe, add aesthetics to your home, and can stay for longer than wood and gas fireplaces.  

Most electric fireplaces are easy to install, portable, flexible, and save on a lot of space. They are also great for an excellent heating experience while saving the environment. 

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