Can You Put A Blower In A Wood-Burning Fireplace? (Reasons Why)

Blowers might easily be misunderstood when used in a fireplace. Generally, blowers will help in improving the reach of the warmth and heat from a fireplace. It is good to consider setting it up as part of your wood-burning fireplace setup. So, YES, you can add a blower to a wood-burning fireplace. 

What Is A Fireplace Blower?

A fireplace blower can be described as a fan that is mounted on a fireplace or inside to help in circulating the air around the room. Even if you are seated at the back of the room, you should find it a great option for improving the reach of your wood-burning fireplace. 

What you should note is that fireplace blowers will not increase the BTU output of a fireplace. The work of a blower is to simply move the air more efficiently around the room. 

How Do You Install A Wood-Burning Fireplace Blower?

Now that you see the importance of a fireplace blower, next is to install it correctly. That is what I will be taking you through below. 

Step 1

Ensure that the fireplace is completely cool for this step. Proceed to open the fireplace insert where there is a provision for installing a new fireplace blower. Most inserts would have this position at the bottom. 

Remove the cover screws using a screwdriver. Sometimes a small amount of WD40 may help with loosening the screws. Make sure that you place these screws in a place where you cannot miss them. They will be needed later. 

Ensure that any power connection going to the fireplace insert is turned off to avoid being electrocuted during installation. 

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Step 2 

We are assuming you do not have a blower and this is the first time you are setting up the blower in a fireplace. For such a case, you need to run proper wiring vital for running the blower. 

You can easily run the wires from the fireplace to the fireplace junction control box where you can tap electricity to power the new blower. 

Some fireplace inserts might have this sorted already and all you have to do is attach the blower. 

Step 3

You are ready to set up the fireplace blower. Start by connecting the different wires as indicated on the electrical diagram. Always make sure that you consult an electrician if you are unsure of what you are doing. 

Now that the wiring is done, set the blower into its position in the fireplace insert. Make sure it is at least ¼ inch from the back. 

Turn on the blower to test its performance before screwing everything back into place. 

How Long Does It Take For A Fireplace Blower To Turn On?

A fireplace blower may take 15 to 20 minutes to turn on. This is because it has to wait for the temperature of the fireplace to get up to a certain point before it is triggered to start running. This is all done through a sensor in the fireplace. 

It is the same thing to turn it off. This is if you want it done automatically. It will only turn off when the temperature in the fireplace drops below a set threshold. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Put A Blower On A Fireplace?

It will cost you an average of $150 to have it done by a professional. This is because it does not take long and does not need a lot of work compared to setting up a fireplace in the first place. 

Also, the fireplace blower will cost you as from $50 to around $150. It depends on the brand you are buying plus its capacity among other features. 

Troubleshooting a Wood-Burning Fireplace Blower 

It is possible you may come across some problems with your fireplace blower. Here are some steps to take to help improve the working of the fireplace blower. 

  • The remote is not turning on the blower. First, check if the batteries are still good. If the batteries are replaced but the blower does not still work, you may have to replace the remote. 
  • The blower is making too much noise. Once you have turned off the fireplace and it has cooled, check to see if the blower is clogged with dust and debris. If cleaning does not help, you need to replace the fan as its bearings are worn out. 
  • The blower does not turn on. It could be that the circuit breaker is turned off. Or a fuse of blown. If any fuses are blown, have them replaced. Also, check the wiring ensuring it is done right. 

Conclusion: Should I Install A Fireplace Blower?

Yes. You should install a fireplace blower as it will help in circulating the warm air in the room better. Even those seated at the back of the room would feel the fireplace’s warmth. We always recommend that you take your time to find out the top models in the industry. You do not want a model that you need to change within only a few months of buying. 

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