Do Electric Fireplaces Look Cheap? Why Buying Electric Fireplaces is Better

Electric fireplaces add class and elegance to your living space. To understand this then you have to compare it with the traditional types of fireplaces like wood-burning fireplaces. 

The wood-burning fireplace is known to produce a lot of smoke and it is hard to regulate the heat. However, electric fireplaces make your home or office look classy and expensive. The general rule states that the more an electric fireplace costs, the more classy it will make your living space. 

Why Does an Electric Fireplace Make Your Living Space Look Expensive? 

From the introduction, we have agreed that an electric fireplace makes your space look classy and elegant. All these depend on some features that most electric fireplaces possess. Below are some of these features. 

a ) Frameless electric fireplaces 

This feature is mainly on wall insert electric fireplaces. This is when the wall is directly connected with the fireplace. It gives you an elegant finish that makes the fireplace permanently built in the wall. The front screen looks like it is suspended off the wall. This feature makes your space look expensive. 

b) Remote control option on the electric fireplaces 

Not all but most electric fireplaces come with remote control. As long as the power socket is on, you can control your electric fireplace. You can increase or reduce the temperature with the press of a button. 

Some advanced electric fireplaces allow you to use the remote to change the color of the flame or the size of the flame. 

c) Automated electric fireplaces 

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Technology is the selling point with most electric fireplaces nowadays. Many homeowners want automated home systems. Such fireplaces not only add elegance to your home but also saves you time and energy. 

It can control itself without the use of a remote. Just key in the parameters you want and the electric fireplace will work using those specifications. 

Some electric fireplaces have facial recognition that switches on when it recognizes you are around. Others have thermostats that switch off when the maximum temperature is attained. Doing so also helps to save the electric energy costs. 

d) Linear electric fireplaces 

These are the longest type of electric fireplaces. They can even occupy a seven-foot wall. They are normally recessed in the wall making them appear permanent. Many people are running towards this type of fireplace because it makes the finish look expensive. The extraordinary flame illusion is what makes it more perfect. 

Do Electric Fireplaces Save Money?

If you compare electric fireplaces to wood-burning and gas fireplaces you will find out it saves you money. Of course, the purchase price of electric fireplaces is high, but in the long run, it is cheaper. 

Electric fireplaces have lower maintenance costs than wood-burning and gas fireplaces. 

Research shows that wood-burning fireplaces are the most expensive to maintain. Gas fireplaces may look cheap but it is expensive to replace the gas cylinder. It is also expensive to maintain the gas tubes. 

In general, electric fireplaces will save you a lot of money and still has a long useful life. 

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How Much Will an Electric fireplace Raise my Electric Bill?

Economists and accountants say that an electric fireplace will raise your electric bill but will be manageable. On average it will raise your electric bill by 2%. This means that if your previous electric bill was $100 then the new bill will be $120. 

Nowadays most electric fireplaces come with thermostats that automatically shut down when the maximum temperature is reached. This helps in improving its energy use.

Some electric fireplaces have separate functionality on heating and flame illusion. This allows you to only use the flame side during the hot months of the year. When the heating coil is off then you will be saving electric power. 


Reject the idea that electric fireplaces look cheap. The sure thing is that they make your place look expensive and elegant. Many people use the word classy. The flame illusion is the first thing that will raise your social status with electric fireplaces. Nowadays they come with automated flame illusions that make everything better. 

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