Fireplace with crackling sound

Do Electric Fireplaces Make Crackling Sounds?

An electric fireplace is designed to give the warmth and feel of a wood-burning fireplace. The flames seem authentic imitating the real flames of gas or wood-burning fireplace. The flames add to the decor of your house. Crackling sounds are the final touch on an electric fireplace. It completes the realism of the fireplace. 

If you wish to experience the full efficiency of electric fireplaces, do not limit your choice based on heating capabilities and flames only. Without the fire crackling sound, the flames and the warmth are missing something. 

When purchasing a fireplace unit, look out for those with perfect fire crackling sounds. The description on the unit helps find out if a fireplace has audio effects or not. 

How can I Add the Crackling Sounds to my Already Installed Electric Fireplace?

This should not be a cause of worry. If your beautiful wall-mounted electric fireplace has everything but the sounds, visit the nearest shop for a separate sound system. The sound system will produce the crackling sounds imitating the popping of wood. 

The sound systems are usually small in size. This is convenient as you can place it anywhere within the room without attracting too much attention. Most people would place them discreetly near the fireplace unit. More so, they come with an easy on/off button. 

There are other adjustable features for the volume such as high, medium, and low volume settings. 

Benefits of Fire Crackling Sounds

Yes, electric fireplaces crackle and there are a number of reasons why this is good. The benefits add enjoyment to the experience of homeowners and make their investment worth it. The three main advantages include;

  1. Realism
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A high-quality sound system adds to the realism of the electric fire. It is always the first thing you will notice after getting such audio effects. The crackling and popping sounds of burning wood bring a relaxing ambiance to the room. You can enjoy the warmth and relax at the same time.

  1. Relaxing

Campfires have been described as the best fire experience. Why is this so? The soft glow of the flames and the warmth help you relax. Then, as the stresses are drained away slowly, the crackling sounds help you go to sleep. Why would you not want the same in your house? 

Most modern electric fireplace units offer sound systems to help replicate such sounds. The almost perfect sound goes in synchrony with the flickering flames. The combined effect of the warmth, flames and crackling sounds bring relaxing familiarity. 

  1. Better health

This may seem a bold statement but it is true. The look, feel, and sound of a real wood fire is beneficial to your health just like actual fire. It can be related to a study by the University of Alabama. 226 adults were exposed to electric fireplaces but one-half did so with no sound. Those exposed to the crackling sounds exhibited consistent blood pressure decreases. 

How to Quieten an Electric Fireplace?

Compared to a gas or wood-burning fireplace, the control of crackling sounds is replaced by the use of a simple switch. Normally, electric fireplaces tend to be quiet with just the crackling sounds being heard. However, with malfunction or wear and tear, the fireplace may start producing disturbing noises. 

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Before getting a repairman, you can follow a few tips to help solve the problem of less ambient sounds. They include;

  • Tighten up any loose components or connections of the fireplace. Rattling can be the cause of additional sounds. This is probably the easiest fix. You can also double-check the access panels to make sure they snugly fit. 
  • Check the tubing connecting the fireplace. If there is a bend, gently bend it back using a wrench or hammer.
  • Cleaning the fan. A fan or blower accumulates dust and dirt over months. A simple cleaning procedure can help quieten the electric fireplace.
  • Check the fan belt making sure it is neither too tight or too loose. If it is worn out, replace it with a new one. 
  • Open the back panel of your fireplace units and check whether the main rod is lubricated properly. Poor lubrication leads to noises. The lubricant makes sure it moves freely and smoothly.
  • Inspect the internal wiring. Wiring problems can also affect visual performance.
  • If the above does not help, consult the owner’s manual for further information; you may need to change the motor.

WARNING; when dealing with electric components make sure they have not been plugged in anywhere. Also, allow them to cool before working on them. 


Yes, electric fireplaces do provide crackling sounds. You will love the benefits that come with such sounds. Most modern models come with a sound system already installed. You just control the volume through a switch. Be sure to also enjoy the warmth and visual effects of the electric fireplace too. 

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