Fireplace Screen VS Fireplace Glass Doors

This is one of the confusing topics in the fireplaces industry. A fireplace screen is a mesh-like accessory installed on the open end of the fireplace. Moreover, it has a metallic frame and woven wires attached to the frame. A fireplace glass door is a frame with thick glass attached, creating a barrier between the room and the fireplace.

You can now deduct that the difference comes in with the material attached to the frame. However, the fireplace glass door has hinges that enable you to open and close it. Big fireplaces can have double doors. The fireplace glass door can be said to be permanent because it is hard to remove it. The fireplace screen is easy to place and remove from the fireplace.

Both of these accessories have similar functions and benefits, but one performs better than the other. Which one is better? To answer this question, we must look at the functions of the fireplace screen and glass door.

Functions/Purpose/Benefits of Fireplace Glass Doors and Fireplace Screens

  1. Protection

This is the main function of these accessories. They protect the sparks and embers from falling on flammable things in the room. Fire accident is hazardous, and you can prevent it with a simple fireplace glass door or screen. They also prevent the logs from falling out of the fireplace onto your beautiful floor.

With these tools, your furnished furniture and floor will remain new for a long time. They also prevent children and pets from getting near the hot fireplace. They act as a barrier to the firebox. Fire injuries can be expensive to treat and can lead to death. Fireplace glass doors offer better protection than fireplace screens because the door has a thick layer of glass.

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2. Beauty and style

Fireplace glass doors and screens come in various designs and styles that make your room look extraordinary. Some fireplace screens have colors that reflect well the orange flames. You can replace a fireplace glass door with a better design that is more appealing. You can match the screen with the floor or the hearth of your fireplace.

These accessories also hide the ashes and soot when the fire is out. Cleaning the firebox is not an easy task, but the screen and the glass door will hide all dirt until you are ready to clean. You will not find ash particles on the floor or furniture in the room. The fireplace glass door will add more beauty to the room than the fireplace screen.

3. Energy efficient

An open fireplace is very costly because most of the air is lost through the chimney. The fireplace door and screen will be a barrier that prevents the hot air from going out in the cold months. These tools ensure complete combustion in the firebox hence saving on the cost of firewood.

The fireplace screen and door will absorb the excess heat and later radiate it in the room. This is the best way to save heat energy. The fireplace glass door saves more energy than the fireplace screen. The mesh-like nature of the screen is a limitation to saving heat, and it allows some of the heat to pass.

4. Prevent the smoke

The smoke is supposed to go out through the chimney. But sometimes, the wind or storm can force it to flow backward into the room. Here is when it is essential to have a screen or a glass door on your fireplace. The glass door will ensure no smoke will enter the room, but the screen has holes that can allow some smoke.

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Is the Fireplace Glass Door Better than a Fireplace Screen?

Yes, a fireplace glass door is better than a fireplace screen. You can see they both perform similar functions, but the glass door out-performs the screen. The glass door offers better protection, adds more beauty, saves more energy, and prevents all backflow of smoke. Install a fireplace glass door, and you will enjoy your fireplace.


The presentation of fireplace screens vs. glass doors is great, and the conclusion is that the glass door is perfect at its work than the screen. Do not underestimate the screen because it will still help you with the above functions. Always remember to clean these two accessories to make your fireplace look elegant.

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