How Do You Clean the Inside of an Electric Fireplace?

The cleaning process of an electric fireplace is simple. If you compare to the other types of fireplaces, you will spend far much less time cleaning an electric fireplace. The main reason behind this is because there is no real flame in an electric fireplace. 

Electric fireplaces are typically not cleaned more often. Dust build-up in the inlet or outlet should however be removed so that it works efficiently. In this article, we will look at how you can make the inside and outside of your electric fireplace clean. 

Is Cleaning in Electric Fireplaces Necessary?

An electric fireplace does not have real fire flames. This implies that an electric fireplace does not produce any byproducts that need to be vented. The byproducts could also stain the fireplace in turn reducing its efficiency. 

Both the flames and heat are generated artificially in the electric fireplace. Light is reflected on a set of rotating mirrors to produce the flame effect. The angled mirrors project the effect on a front screen. The flames do not provide any form of heat for your room. A space heater fixed in the fireplace is responsible for heating the room just like an infrared heater.

However, an electric fireplace has to be cleaned for it to serve you as long as possible. Taking care of the electric fireplace also ensures high levels of efficiency. The cleaning requirements are far less compared to when cleaning a fireplace using wood fuel. You do not need to clean the fireplace regularly but just remove the dust once in a while.

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The main cleaning process is removing dust from the screen to keep the fireplace looking fresh. The outlets and inlets of the heater are also cleaned a few times. You can use a damp cloth on cleaning the exterior but not the interior. There is no specific frequency of cleaning it but clean when necessary.

Cleaning the Interior of an Electric Fireplace

It is typically advised to open up an electric fireplace unless you are a professional. You will find many complex electrical components that should be best left untouched. However, over time, dust can settle on the cables and the interior weighing it down. This will interfere with the functionality of the fireplace. 

Before you start cleaning, make sure you have unplugged the electric fireplace. You can also shut off the circuit box. Do not use a damp cloth at any cost as it will spoil a lot of components. Instead, use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the dust off.  A vacuum with a brush attachment will also come in handy. 

There are two interior components of an electric fireplace; the flame effects and the heater. Carefully use the cloth to wipe off the dust on the blower. If the buildup is far much more, use a vacuum. Also, be gentle as excessive force will destroy the internal components. 

Your fireplace flames are a result of the rotating mirrors. If you can reach the mirrors wipe the dust off. Also, remember to clean the source of light with a soft brush. An ember bed is cleaned using a vacuum and a soft brush can also be helpful. A microfiber cloth will do the finishing job of wiping off the dust. 

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Cleaning the Exterior of an Electric Fireplace

The big precaution here is not to use excess liquids or water when cleaning the exterior of your unit. It is recommended to use a damp (not wet) and lint-free piece of cloth that is rinsed in hot soapy water. You can then clean the dust layer and other dirt marks off the fireplace. Thereafter rinse the cloth in hot water before going back to cleaning. 

Do not use heavy or abrasive detergent to clean the outside of your electric fireplace. Be careful to not block the inlets and outlets as the fireplace will not work efficiently. Wipe the screen glass and the back of the fireplace gently to remove dust. More of the dust will gather at the inlets where the air in the room is sucked into the fireplace. Pay more attention to the inlets.

Electric Fireplace Vs Other Types of Fireplace

There are several benefits of using an electric fireplace compared to those that use solid fuels. This is in terms of cleaning and maintaining them. These include; 

  1. There is no time requirement when setting up an electric fireplace. Heat is produced instantly after you plug the electric fireplace in power.
  2. Does not require ongoing maintenance. An electric fireplace continues supplying heat at 100% capacity as long as there is a constant power supply. 
  3. There are no vents required. Smoke or other harmful byproducts are not produced in an electric fireplace. A chimney is therefore not required. 
  4. No cleaning while enjoying the heat. This is because there is no solid burning in an electric fireplace. In others, you have to clean the ash or burnt wood to keep the fireplace efficient. 
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As you have seen from the above article, cleaning an electric fireplace is easy. Plus, they do not require regular cleaning and maintenance. For other fireplaces that use wood fuel require you to spend more time and energy on them. Make sure you observe the specifications of cleaning cloth and water. Do not damage your electric fireplace in the name of cleaning.

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