Electric fireplace durability

How Long Do Electric Fireplaces Last?

Electric fireplaces have proven to be a savior piece of technology during winter. Not only have they improved the heating of rooms compared to old fireplaces, but also more convenient. Most experts have put the lifespan of electric fireplaces between 10 to 20 years. This is a good period of efficient service. However, the lifespan may depend on different factors and we will look at them.

How long exactly do electric fireplaces last? This is the uncertainty I would like to demystify. The average lifespan is 15 years. You can get to over 20 years if you properly take care of your electric fireplace. Many manufacturers would offer warranties of up to 3 years on damages on the appliance. This should reduce the worry of repairing damages that can happen for some time. 

Factors That Affect Electric Fireplaces’ Lifespan

The importance of electric fireplaces cannot be undermined. This is especially true in cold areas. We would want them to last and serve us forever. However, there are factors that can reduce their lifespan. Other factors can also elongate their lifespan. They include;

  1. Maintenance

The importance of appliance maintenance cannot be understated. You can do this by cleaning dirty parts and replacing damaged parts. You can consult an instruction manual or an expert on how to maintain an electric fireplace. It is important if it is the first time owning one.

  1. Environment

The environment an electric fireplace is used can determine its lifespan. From climates to the location of the fireplace in the house, they all affect the lifespan. The fireplaces will be used more frequently in the colder areas thus more maintenance is needed. Those in warmer areas are less used thus may last longer.

  1. Usage Frequency
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As stated earlier, the more frequently you use an electric fireplace, the lesser the lifespan. This logic applies to any appliance. Try to not leave your fireplace running overnight or for long hours. This destroys the appliance and causes overheating.

  1. Insulation and installation

Some of the electric fireplaces are neither properly installed nor insulated. Poor insulation causes drafts, intrusion of rain, and other damaging elements into the appliance. This will cause strain on your fireplace and eventually cause damage to the components. Properly install and insulate your electric fireplace for it to last long. 

  1. Durability

Electric fireplaces made with durable materials will last longer compared to those with inferior materials. Inferior materials deteriorate after a few years of service. Eventually, the entire unit will get destroyed. Try purchasing fireplaces made with high-quality materials. 

Tips to Help Extend an Electric Fireplace’s Lifespan

Electric fireplaces have a pretty long lifespan. You can, however, increase the lifespan further following a few tips. The tops fall under the maintenance category. This category cannot be ignored. They include; 

  • Replace the defective light bulbs

Electric fireplaces do not have many parts you need to worry about. The light bulbs are one of the few important components. You should make sure the bulbs are replaced every 2 years or whenever they get damaged. The bulbs should cool down before you replace them. As you install, ensure it is properly fastened or tighten any screw available.

  • Clean the fireplace’s fan

The fan is an important component when it comes to providing supplementary heat. Most appliances come with the fan properly lubricated and may take years for them to be given any attention. If they do need attention, use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the fans. You will need to study the fans to know the frequency they need attention.

  • Maintain exterior parts
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The exterior parts of an electric fireplace do not need an expert’s help. It is quite an easy job to execute. You will first clean the glass display using a piece of cloth and water. This helps maintain the aesthetic quality of the fireplace for a long period of time. You can do research on how to clean the other exterior parts. 

The Cleaning Procedure Of An Electric Fireplace

You may ask how do you clean an electric fireplace? There is a safe procedure to follow to clean both the interior and exterior of an electric fireplace;

  1. Disconnect the electric fireplace from the power supply. This is an important step when cleaning any electric appliance. Allow the heater to cool off before continuing.
  2. Check the electrical components. Any damaged wire should be replaced and the dirty ones cleaned by blowing the dust off.
  3. Clean the heater.
  4. Clean both sides of the glass
  5. Dust the interior using a blower.


Electric fireplaces will serve you for a long time with proper installation and maintenance. The maintenance steps are easy to follow. Consistent maintenance will leave the fireplace looking fresh and efficient in heating the house. Follow the guidelines and enjoy the warmth in your house. 

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