How Many Square Feet Does an Electric Fireplace Heat?

The size of the area an electric fireplace can heat depends on the size of the electric fireplace. A standard electric fireplace can produce about 5000BTUs which is enough for 400 square feet area. But a dual voltage fireplace can produce about 8000BTUs which can heat up 1000 square feet area. 

A point to note is that a standard electric fireplace uses a 120V outlet while the dual voltage fireplace uses a 240V outlet. Both of these fireplaces do not require a dedicated circuit. Nevertheless, there are several factors that you must consider before purchasing an electric fireplace. And the size of the area it can heat is among those factors. 

Factors to Consider before Purchasing an Electric Fireplace 

The amount of heat you need 

This is the most important consideration. The size of the room you want to install the fireplace is what will tell you the amount of heat you need. Choose an electric fireplace that can heat the whole room. You can use the heating equation to choose the most appropriate electric fireplace. 

The heating equation state that to find out the area an electric fireplace can heat, divide its wattage by ten (10). For example, if the electric fireplace uses 2000 watts, then it can heat up 200 square feet. So it is important to read the manufacturer’s manual to know the wattage before purchasing an electric fireplace. 

A point to keep in mind is that electric fireplaces can have similar voltage but different wattages. For example, most standard electric fireplaces use 120V but their wattage range between 1500W and 4000W.  

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Electric fireplaces come in several styles and designs. This is why you must choose a style that best fits your interior or exterior design. This includes the color of the electric fireplace. Mix and match the design of your room and the style of the electric fireplace. If you have a traditional interior design then choose a traditional style of an electric fireplace. 

When it comes to color, choose an electric fireplace that matches the dominant color in your room. It is not a must to be the exact color but try your best for the colors not to clash. For example, if the dominant color is white then a cream or black electric fireplace is appropriate. 

This also includes the theme in your house. Choose an electric fireplace that matches the theme in your room. If your room has a farmhouse theme then choose an electric fireplace with a farmhouse style. 


Of course, you cannot buy an electric fireplace if you do not have adequate electric power supply. If you are not connected to the main power line then solar energy can also work as long as you have enough batteries that can store power. 

With the current advancement in technology, some manufacturers are making electric fireplaces that can use the direct current (DC) from a battery. On the other hand, you can connect the DC-AC inverter to the batteries and the AC electric fireplace will work.


Where to place your electric fireplace is not an obvious decision. It needs a critical analysis of what you want from it. There are several questions that you must ask yourself before deciding on the location of the electric fireplace. For example, do I want to add aesthetics to the room? Or do I want it to be silent but perform the functional role. 

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If you want the electric fireplace to add aesthetics, then place it at a focal location in the room so that everyone can see it. If you want it to perform a silent but functional role, then you can even hide it in the ceiling. 

An important point is that do not place it near curtains or plastic covers because the hot air can make them shrink or get some burn spots.


Most electric fireplaces are easy to install and do not require a professional. Simply place it on the location you decided earlier and plug it in. If the power outlet socket is not near then buy an extension cable that you will add to the plug-in cable of the electric fireplace. Use a tape measure to measure the distance so that you buy an extension cable that fits. 

Add the installation charges to your budget if you want to buy a complex electric fireplace like one that has a control box and remote. An expert will know the best location to place the control box. When the control box is at an appropriate position, then it will be easy for you to use the remote at any angle in the room. 

Flame technology 

This is a very important consideration for people who want the electric fireplace to add aesthetics to the room. You can choose a wonderful 3-D flame effect that will look great from any angle in the room. Or choose one that creates an illusion of real smoke and colored flames. 

Some manufacturers have advanced flame technology. For example, some electric fireplaces have LCD screens that create huge flames and have sound effects of a real fire. So, do window shopping and choose an electric fireplace with the best flame technology. 

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Remember the price of the fireplace increases with the complexity of the flame. 

Extra features 

You can also consider the more than normal features. These are features that will increase the comfort of your electric fireplace. They include remote controls that allow you to change the heat from the comfort of your sofa. The fireplace can have sound effects that allow you to enjoy the real fire environment. 

However, you must budget for these extra features because they increase the price of the electric fireplace. 


There are two types of electric fireplaces if we use heating ability to categorize them. These are the standard electric fireplace and dual voltage fireplace. The standard electric fireplace can produce about 5000BTUs which are enough to heat up 400 square feet. While the dual voltage can produce 8000BTUs which is enough for 1000 square feet. 

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