How Much is an Electric Fireplace? 4 Main Types and Prices

On average, the purchase price of an electric fireplace ranges between $25 and $700 depending on the type and size. Some extra features like an automatic start system and remote control box can increase the price to be above $200. 

External expenses like shipment cost and installation cost can influence the purchase price of an electric fireplace.

Electric fireplaces can either be outdoor or indoor. Indoor electric fireplaces are somehow more expensive than outdoor ones. This is because outdoor electric fireplaces are made for durability while indoor ones are made to add aesthetics in the house or office. Indoor electric fireplaces can also be made with valuable materials like gold and diamond.

Types of Electric Fireplaces and their Prices

  1. Wall-mount and Portable electric fireplace 

This is the widely used type of electric fireplace in the world. It comes in different shapes and sizes which influence the price. A small wall-mount electric fireplace can cost about $25 while the medium one can be about $600. These medium and small fireplaces have a slightly smaller coil that allows you to plug in a standard socket outlet. 

A huge wall-mount electric fireplace cost ranges between $50 and $100. Most of these huge electric fireplaces come with extra features like LED lighting and remote control. These extra features increase their total purchase price. 

Sometimes wall-mount electric fireplaces can be built-in but it protrudes out to allow warm air to circulate in the room. 

  1. Insert-electric fireplace 

Among the three general categories of electric fireplaces (electric, gas, and wood-burning), electric fireplaces are the best. So an insert-electric fireplace is designed to be installed in an already existing fireplace space. On average this type can cost between $70 and $150 depending on size and extra features. 

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Most of them come with a glass screen that displays the flame illusion. This type of electric fireplace has an average coil size, hence it can be plugged into a standard outlet. This type allows seamless integration because it has trim pieces. 

  1. TV stand electric fireplace 

This is one of the most expensive electric fireplaces. Most of these fireplaces cost above $200. Because the cost of the TV is incorporated in the purchase price of the fireplace. A small-sized one can cost $150 while the medium one can cost $200. 

A big one with extra features like changing flames can cost above $200 but not exceeding $500. 

This type of fireplace can use the standard household electric outlet of 110 volts. But you are advised to use two separate sockets; one for the television and the other one for the fireplace. 

Do not use extension cords on any electric fireplace. Doing so will trigger the circuit breaker. 

  1. Built-in electric fireplace 

This type of electric fireplace is permanently installed inside a wall or unit. It is best for new construction, apartments, and condos. This type of electric fireplace purchase price ranges between $100 and $200. 

You only need a frame that can accommodate the fireplace. Most of these fireplaces are wired directly to a 110 volts electric line. 

There is no need for an electric socket outlet because it is built permanently in the wall. This type can also come with flame illusion technology and remote controls. You can use it with or without the heater.

How Much Does it Cost to Have an Electric Fireplace Installed?

Electric fireplaces are widely used because they are easy and cheap to install. Some types of electric fireplaces you can install yourself, hence zero installation costs. Complicated electric fireplaces are the ones that need an expert to install them. 

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Built-in and inserted electric fireplaces are the ones that are complicated and require a professional to install them. The installation cost ranges between $150 and $200, depending on the size and features of the fireplace. 

Conclusion: Is an electric fireplace worth it?

You have seen from above that electric fireplaces are pretty expensive. But all in all, the costs are really worth it. This is because electric fireplaces have more advantages over gas and wood-burning fireplaces. 

Electric fireplaces have a low installation cost of not more than $200. Compare this to gas fireplaces that have an installation cost of about $2500. Wood burning fireplaces are also expensive to install because of the high masonry costs and raw materials like gravel and concrete.

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