What Accessories do You Need for a Fireplace?

Fireplace accessories are tools and equipment that make your fireplace handling safer. They also enhance the cleanliness of your fireplace area, and generally enjoy using the fireplace. All types of fireplaces at least require an accessory. But the wood-burning fireplace is the one that has most of the accessories on the market.

Fireplace accessories range from small and compact tools to large and heavy-duty ones. Some accessories are sold as a set, while others are individual. Shopping for fireplace accessories can be hard because you will find yourself selecting tools that do not match the job specification. Below are some of the necessary fireplace accessories.

1. Ash bucket

You must have this tool. It is where you collect ash and sometimes embers and then dispose of them later. It comes with a small shovel that helps to scoop the ash. Of course, the ash bucket is metallic. The bottom has an insulator-like wood to prevent it from burning the floor area. Some come with a small brush to help sweep the ash into the shovel.

2. Flame color enhancers

These chemicals are added to the wood to produce a unique flame color. The orange color of the flame can be boring, and you need chemicals to add elegance. The chemicals can be solid or liquid. Make sure you read the packet’s instructions before you use such chemicals. Do not cook with the file while using these chemicals.

3. Firestarters

These are small pieces of wood, sawdust, or cubes that produce super hot flame once lit. they help the huge logs to light up with a minimal amount of smoke in the room. They can burn up to 12 mins, and at this point, all big logs will be on fire. It is the best accessory if you have wood with high moisture content.

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4. Fireplace bellows

This is an old-school fireplace tool that has a valve and a tube. Through the motion of expansion and contraction, the bellow draws in air through the valve and expells through the tube. The expelled air is directed into the fireplace to restart the dead fire or accelerate the initial combustion process. Most bellows are from fabric, vinyl, and leather.

5. Smoke guard

This tool prevents smoke from entering the room from the fireplace. When smoke is in excess, it will be hard to escape through the chimney, so the smoke guard reduces the fireplace’s opening and controls the backflow of smoke. Install it on top of the fireplace opening. Logs with moisture and poor log size cause a lot of smoke.

6. Firewood racks (outdoor)

As the name suggests, this is a special stand designed to store wood through different seasons. You will place it outside to allow the wood to dry properly. Raise it off the ground so that dry wood does not absorb moisture. Most of them come with a cover if it is the rainy season.

7. Wood carriers and log holders

Using the wood carries, you will transfer wood from the firewood rack indoors. This is a small cart with wheels that help you carry heavy logs. Simply pull the handle and the wood will be indoors in seconds. Carrying wood in your arms can be dangerous because the sharp splints can piers you.

On the other hand, log holders are small troughs near the fireplace. They hold a small amount of wood that you will use to recharge the fire. Once you are indoors, transfer wood from the wood carrier to the log holder. They come in various designs that add beauty to your fireplace.

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8. Moisture meters (wood)

This is an electric gadget that measures the amount of moisture in wood fuel. Some electric current is released into the wood and bounced back. The level of resistance determines the amount of water in the wood. The higher the resistance the higher the moisture in the wood. Experts recommend you use wood with 20% or less moisture content results.

9. Firebacks

Did you know that the temperatures inside a firebox are too high and quickly destroy a stone or brick wall? This is why you need the fireback and place it at the back of the firebox. It is a heavy piece of metal that protects the wall from excess heat over time. They are also good at controlling heat because they absorb it and radiate it back into the room.

10. Aroma enhancers

Make your fireplace multipurpose; let it give a good smell and heat simultaneously. Aroma enhancers are not dangerous, and some have been in use for many years. It can be oil-scented stones on the fire or pine cones on the hearth. You can also have chimney deodorizers that smell good when the fireplace is off.


I have only given you ten basic fireplace accessories, but there is another list of minor accessories. When you buy a new fireplace, some of these accessories come with it. You can buy others to replace the old ones or just to enhance your comfort. Remember to consider the quality of the material before you purchase any fireplace accessory.

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