What is a Zero-Clearance Wood-Burning Fireplace?

Maybe it is time for you to consider improving your fireplace look or you simply want to upgrade to a better wood-burning fireplace. 

I recommend you consider getting a zero-clearance wood-burning fireplace. However, what does a zero-clearance fireplace even mean?

A zero-clearance fireplace will come designed to have its own insulation and will require zero clearance inches from the combustible materials already set up in your home. Because of such a design, you would find it easy to set it up anywhere around your home and enjoy using it. 

The zero clearance fireplace will not require a stone or tile surround unlike what you get with the other types of fireplaces in the market. 

Styles of Zero Clearance Fireplaces 

There are several options you can consider as the styles of zero-clearance wood-burning fireplaces. Here are some of them;

  • The traditional style: For this type, it looks like the masonry fireplaces you are used to. You can easily use it with wood or gas logs to heat your rooms. It would also have blower fans to help in circulating warm air in the house. 
  • Modern designs: Modern designs are also available. Such zero-clearance fireplaces would have modern features that make them more efficient at using the fuel source. They can use wood, but they will have heavy iron cast dors as a way of minimizing heat losses. 

Benefits of Installing a Zero Clearance Wood-Burning Fireplac

There must be several things that make the zero-clearance wood-burning fireplace popular. The following are the benefits you will like from using such a type of fireplace. 

  • This fireplace has no buffer zone. It will then require smaller spaces to set it up and start using faster than those that need doing more insulation first. 
  • It will cost less than the masonry fireplace to install. So, more people would find it easier to save money on it. 
  • Even for those that might not have a fireplace provision in their homes, it can still be usable. You simply set it up in a room and find a way to vent it. That is all you need. 
  • Zero-clearance fireplaces are known for their efficiencies. This is because it can offer 70% more efficiency than the masonry fireplace. This feature is possible because of heavy insulation done by the manufacturer. 
  • This fireplace type will also come in different styles, models, and sizes. For this reason, you will always get a product that suits your needs and lifestyle. 
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What is the Difference Between a Zero Clearance Fireplace and an Insert?

It is possible to confuse the two mostly because of how they can be set up. 

A zero clearance fireplace will be self-contained in the sense that you can set it up in different environments with ease and vent it. However, a fireplace insert on the other hand will be put in an existing masonry fireplace provision. 

The fireplace insert will not work independently like a zero-clearance fireplace, it needs an existing provision for a fireplace. 

Depending on the fireplace insert you buy, it can have additional features including a fan, thermostat, better control, and more. 

How Long Does a Zero-Clearance Fireplace Last?

The use of zero-clearance fireplaces has been on the rise. But as anyone willing to do a long-term investment, it makes sense to know more about its lifespan. 

Well, a zero clearance fireplace can last for around 30 to 40 years. It comes down to how well you would be using it on overall. You simply have to take good care of your fireplace such as cleaning it regularly and other recommended maintenance to keep it in good condition. 

Does a Zero-Clearance Wood-Burning Fireplace Need a Chimney?

Yes. A zero-clearance wood-burning fireplace works like any other fireplace. You should consider installing a chimney if you want proper venting. Considering most would be using wood as fuel, venting the smoke is critical. 

Venting such a fireplace is not hard. Do the installation as you would do for the other types of fireplaces. It can be installed with a clean look ensuring that your chimney has a nice look generally. 

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The zero-clearance wood-burning fireplace will be a nice addition to your home. Because of its insulation and overall design, you will find it easier to have it set up in the home with ease. You can even set it up in different rooms with ease as it does not require a fireplace provision existing in a room as compared to a fireplace insert. 

If this sounds interesting to you, do not hesitate to try it out today to experience the benefits of a zero-clearance fireplace. 

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