What Is The Fan On A Fireplace For? (The Benefits)

Fireplaces are awesome for keeping the room warm, however, they tend to only heat a central place around the fireplace. To help in heating the whole room, you need a fireplace fan or blower. 

So, a fireplace blower will be mounted on the fireplace exterior or inside the fireplace to push the heat towards the back of the room. It is quite noticeable if you start using a fireplace fan. You can quickly notice improved heat penetration in the house. 

As much as the fireplace fan can help in circulating the heat, it is worth noting it will not increase the fireplace BTU. 

How Does A Fireplace Blower Work

The working principle of the fireplace blower or fan is the same among the different blower types. 

We will consider both gas and wood fireplaces. We can consider the two to see how a fireplace blower works. 

For a gas fireplace, the fan would be located at the rear wall facing up. You may get some with the fans mounted on the sides of the gas fireplace. The blower in this setup will work by drawing in the cool air in the room and forcing it upwards and out of the fireplace. The air exiting the fireplace will be warm and pumped into the room. 

This is the same working principle for the wood fireplaces. However, the difference is that the fans are placed closer to the fireplace front rather than its rear as it was in gas models. For this setup, the air is forced towards the back of the fireplace heating it up before being released into the air. 

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The fan positioning in the wood fireplace has to do more with improving the life of the fan rather than having an efficient airflow. 

How about the free-standing models such as the gel fireplace? Most models would come already packaged with the fans and their respective controls for moving the air. Such blowers would be designed with the fireplace in mind and also efficient distribution of hot air right from the factory. 

You can also add a blower to the free-standing fireplace. Just make sure it is attached correctly to maximize hot air circulation. 

Can I Add A Blower To An Existing Gas Fireplace?

YES. It does not have to be a gas fireplace only, other types of fireplaces can also use a fan or blower. It is common that sometimes you can find a house with an existing fireplace but no fan available. So, here you can always add the blow to improve the efficiency of the gas fireplace. 

The installation process can be done with ease. It can even be your DIY project too. You should always follow the manual as given by the manufacturer to ensure that you get it right. 

In case you are unable to do the installation yourself, get help from a certified fireplace dealer. 

Some might ask, do fireplaces need a fan?

You should also note that a fireplace can run without having a blower or fan. You only need to use a blower when you feel like seating at a distance from it. This requires that you have a fan to circulate this hot air in the room. If you opt to seat close to the fireplace, then a blower might not be necessary. 

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How Can I Increase The Efficiency Of My Fireplace?

Other than using the fireplace blower or fan, a person might ask, how can I make my fireplace more energy efficient? Well, I look at a few tips for you to consider. 

  • You should always clean the fireplace more often. Having the remnants such as ash from the previous use of the fireplace hampers the functionality of the fireplace. 
  • You have to only burn quality seasoned firewood. This is to ensure that you can always end up with cleaner flames. Burning green wood is not advisable as you can end up with too much smoke and less heat. 
  • Having the damper open while lighting the fireplace is highly recommended. This ensures there is enough oxygen so that you get a better flame that also burns better. 
  • Turn on the room fans to help with circulating the heat in the room. This is recommended for those with fireplaces that lack fans or blowers. 
  • Install glass fireplace doors. If the fireplace is open, it does not always give you the best output. Having the glass doors will ensure more heat gets to your living space from the fireplace. 

Conclusion: What Does A Fireplace Fan Do

A fireplace fan or blower is necessary to circulate the hot air in the room. It will be vital for ensuring each part of the room is warm just as you like it. Different fans can be needed depending on the type of fireplace. This also applies to how you mount the fans. Ensure that you always use the right setup where necessary. 

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