Are Gas Fireplaces Allowed in Bedrooms? All You Need to Know

Yes, gas fireplaces are allowed in bedrooms but some conditions must be met. Each country and city has different rules about placing gas fireplaces in the bedroom. But some rules are general in all countries.

The type of gas fireplace is the main factor that you need to consider. This article will give you comprehensive information on this factor including other important factors. 

Factors to Consider Before Installing a Gas Fireplace in Your Bedroom 

  1. Type of gas fireplace 

Gas fireplaces are categorized as vented or ventless fireplaces. The working mechanism is what brings out the difference. Vented gas fireplaces draw air from outside the house/building then warm it up and release it into the house. A Ventilated fireplace is the one recommended to be used in bedrooms. 

This is because vented gas fireplaces do not use air present in the bedroom hence avoiding suffocation. Vented fireplaces also send in clean air because it has an exhaust pipe that sends out all dirty fumes. As you sleep you will be breathing clean air. 

On the other hand, ventless gas fireplaces do not have a venting system. It draws and burns air from inside the room. However, a ventless fireplace burns the air cleanly and has no dirty fumes. This type of gas fireplace can also be placed in a big bedroom. 

Do not install it in a small bedroom because it will consume all air in the room leading to suffocation. 

  1. Size of the bedroom 

The size of the bedroom is what will decide the type of gas fireplaces. A small bedroom is any room less than 5ft by 5ft. A medium bedroom ranges between 6ft by 6ft and 8ft by 8ft. While a big bedroom is any room above 10ft by 10ft. 

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A vented fireplace can be placed in any bedroom size while the ventless fireplace must be placed in the big bedroom. 

A ventless fireplace can be placed on any type of wall because it does not need any exhaust system. But for the vented, you have to find a place for the exhaust system. 

  1. Government regulations 

You must also consider the construction rules in your country about installing gas fireplaces in the bedroom. According to research, 90% of governments and local authorities banned the use of ventless gas fireplaces in the bedroom. Even when the bedroom is categorized as a big bedroom. 

  1. Health condition and age of the users of the bedroom 

The electric fireplace is the only type of fireplace with 100% clean air. The vented gas fireplace removes dirty fumes from the warm air but only 97% of the air is clean. A ventless fireplace gives 90% clean air. 

Consider the health condition of the users of the bedroom. People with respiratory problems should avoid gas fireplaces in their bedrooms. The fumes can easily lead to an attack. 

Children under 7 years should not have gas fireplaces in their bedrooms. Because the fumes can start a respiratory disease that was not existing before. 

Is it Safe to Sleep Next to a Gas Fireplace?

Out of the three types of fireplaces (gas, electric, and wood-burning), a gas fireplace is the one that needs a huge clearance distance. You are advised not to sleep close to the gas fireplace. Give it a clearance distance of about three feet. The ventless gas fireplace should be given a big clearance distance. 

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Can You Put a Ventless Fireplace in a Bedroom?

Yes, you can put the ventless fireplace in the bedroom as long as your bedroom falls under the big bedroom category. The bedroom must be over 10ft by 10ft in size. This is because a ventless gas fireplace draws air into the room to burn it. So in a small room, it can draw all air leading to suffocation while sleeping. 

You should consider what the government policies say about ventless fireplaces in the bedroom. Most governments and local authorities do not allow it because of the high risk they place users to. 

Ventless fireplaces are also not good in a children’s bedroom. And if you have any respiratory issues do not place them in your bedroom because of the high amount of fumes. 


Gas fireplaces are safe in the bedroom as long as you consider the factors given in the article above. You have noticed that all of the above factors depend on each other. For example, the type of gas fireplace depends on the size of the bedroom. 

The first thing you must consider is what the government policies state about gas fireplaces in the bedroom. After understanding the government rules is when you can consider other factors like the size of the room and the type of gas fireplace. 

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