Are Open Gas Fireplaces Safe_

Are Open Gas Fireplaces Safe?

Nothing beats a live uncovered flame gas fire for creating a focal point in any space. This kind of open gas fireplace, which does not have a glass front, contributes to the overall mood of the space. It’s no wonder that living flame gas fireplaces are quickly becoming the go-to solution for creating a magnificent focal point in classic and modern homes.

However, there are drawbacks associated with having an open gas fireplace. Toxic gases can easily be released into the environment with a fireplace unit. With proper testing by manufacturers, open gas fireplaces are improved to reach the required safety standards.

Open Gas Fireplace vs. Glass-Fronted Fireplace

Glass-fronted fireplaces are known to be efficient, but that is not their only benefit. Such fireplaces are airtight and sealed, which means no exhaust fumes enter the rooms. Sealing the front helps preserve the indoor air quality of homes. Open gas fireplaces use the air inside the rooms. They also degrade the air quality by releasing fumes into the homes.

Pets and children tend to move around a lot in the house. With a glass-fronted fireplace, it provides a safer environment for them. Open gas fireplaces can result in injuries of kids and jumpy pets. Also, it can eventually lead to the house being on fire. Educate your children and train your pets to stay far away from open gas fireplaces.

Essential Safety Tips For a Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are significantly safer than wood-burning fireplaces. They require no matches and produce less smoke, no sparks, no backdrafts, and no soot. This, however, does not mean owners should disregard fundamental safety procedures. Here are a few things you can take to reduce the risks presented by gas fireplaces (including open gas fireplaces).

  • Pay attention to the required zero clearance.
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There are gas fireplaces with designs that allow combustible products to be as close as possible. Manufacturer’s usually specified the required distance for products to be kept away from open gas fireplaces. Such products include carpets, curtains, and any combustible material. Maintaining distance helps avoid any accidental fires.

  • Plan for Yearly Maintenance

Gas fireplaces require less maintenance compared to wood-burning gas fireplaces. It is, however, still good for annual scheduled maintenance. This makes sure the fireplace is running as it should be and there is no risk of fire hazards. Open gas fireplaces are prone to gas leaks without proper installation and maintenance.

  • Upgrading to Convertible Glass-Fronted Fireplace

Open gas fireplaces allow you to enjoy the ambiance of the flames fully. However, safety must be maintained in your home. Upgrading to a convertible unit can help a lot in this case. For instance, when the kids are home, you convert the fireplace to a glass-fronted fireplace. If you wish to enjoy the flames alone, you can convert them to an open gas fireplace.

  • Warn Children of the Danger Risks

Installing safety barriers is not enough to protect kids from gas fireplaces. Kids can still get injured by hot glass on the gas fireplace. Parents should warn their kids against playing near open gas fireplaces. You can even establish ‘no-go zones” that are over two feet from the fireplace.

Benefits of Open Gas Fireplace

Open gas fireplaces may not be the safest of options. They, however, have their advantages when you decide to use them. They include;

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1. Allow for customizations

Such customizations allow you to add and match your interior decor. They include;

No Glass, Completely Open. The choice for a glass-free, unrestricted view offers an appealing, simple design. While it is not suitable for pets or children, it has a clean aspect from the bottom to the flames.

-Glass Suspended. The simple elegance of a clean glass pane at the head of the fireplace provides appeal as well as usefulness. A suspended glass fireplace provides a heat barrier. It directs warmth to the floor and prevents your wall artwork or Television from overheating.

-Split Glass. The divided glass option maintains the clean and futuristic aesthetic of the clear design while also adding safety. A split pane of glass does not cover the complete viewing area. It simply covers a piece of the observation deck from the bottom up, forming a protective barrier.

2. Option for it to be convertible

Open gas fireplaces give room for people to explore with convertible options. You can always switch from an open gas fireplace to a glass-fronted fireplace anytime.

3. Use of Remotes

Nowadays, convenience reigns supreme. Controls for an open gas fireplace make life even simpler, whether you’re busy preparing for visitors or just do not want to get up from the sofa.


Open gas fireplaces have their advantages and are way more efficient than wood-burning fireplaces. With less toxic emissions, it does not mean they are completely safe. You have to follow the safety guideline provided above. You can explore other options of gas fireplaces available in the market.

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