Can a Fireplace be Both Gas and Wood-Burning

Can a Fireplace be Both Gas and Wood-Burning

A well-designed, attractive fireplace serves as a source of warmth and a decorative element in your house. A single fireplace may often burn either gas or wood simultaneously. However, using both on the same fireplace without modification is not safe.

It’s impossible to have a wood-burning and gas fireplace simultaneously since this might pose a serious fire hazard. It is, however, easy to convert one to the other with very modest changes. A thorough safety inspection is necessary to guarantee that the conversion complies with all safety rules.

Perhaps you miss the smell and feel of a real wood burning in your fireplace. Maybe you want to convert to gas since it’s more efficient and convenient. In any case, this article aims to provide you with the important knowledge you need to attain your objective.

Consequences of Burning Both Wood and Gas

Do not try burning both wood and gas in the same home fireplace. The following might happen if you do so;

  • Internal fireplace mechanism will be destroyed. This is due to the increased temperature of the fire. Therefore, burning wood in a gas fireplace may potentially cause harm to the fireplace’s inner workings.
  • It will almost certainly result in a home fire. Some only-gas fireplaces lack the necessary gear to withstand the intense heat generated by wood. As a result, burning wood might cause a fire to spread from the fireplace inside your house.
  • Smoke might move inside the home due to poor ventilation, releasing harmful gas. Smoke will enter your room if your fireplace venting system is not intended to handle burning wood. This will degrade the indoor air quality. This is problematic because wood produces colorless, odorless carbon monoxide, which is very toxic.
  • It might result in an explosion. The heat from the wood might trigger an explosion if it passes through the pipes.
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How to Turn a Gas Fireplace into a Wood-burning Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are efficient, convenient, and easy to use. However, some homeowners may not be getting the appeal of wood-burning from a gas fireplace. This prompts homeowners to try to convert it into a wood-burning fireplace.

You need to know several key things before undertaking the conversion process. If you are totally in the dark, you should get a professional to help you. The following will help you get started;

  • Understanding your current situation

Some fireplaces may need more maintenance than others. For instance, you may discover that the fireplace already has a sophisticated vent system suitable for wood burning. However, in other circumstances, it may need a total replacement, which would necessitate the installation of a chimney and vents. This can also prove to be quite expensive.

  • Get approval from the relevant authority.

This happens after you’ve determined whether or not your fireplace can be converted to a wood-burning one. You will need to check with your local municipality to see if any construction laws or permissions are required to be abided by. Before embarking on such a significant home improvement job, you should be fully informed.

  • Inspecting and cleaning the chimney

This advice does not apply to homeowners who require a whole new chimney installed. This is because your chimney will be completed and ready to use. However, if your gas fireplace is already connected to a chimney, you must get it examined before you do anything else.

The chimney is the most significant part of a wood-burning fireplace. You cannot overlook it at this stage. You will have to inspect the brick and mortar, chimney liner, damper, crown, and cap to ensure they’re all in excellent shape. Chimney cleaning is also important to fully complete the conversion.

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You may finally convert from gas to wood fireplace after ensuring that your chimney is in good condition and suitable for a wood-burning fireplace. Remember that converting a gas fireplace to a wood-burning fireplace is a procedure that needs meticulous attention to detail and expertise. Leave it to the specialists to convert your gas fireplace to a wood fireplace so you can rest easy knowing the project will be done safely and professionally.

Turning a Wood-burning Fireplace into a Gas Fireplace

Many homeowners in the modern world prefer gas fireplaces to the wood-burning fireplace. Gas fireplaces are easy to maintain as there is no residue. Wood fireplaces require constant cleaning. They also help save the environment by not using wood fuel.

Just like in the conversion of a gas fireplace, you need to assess the situation, get the required permits, and clean the chimney. After all the above are done, you can proceed with converting a wood fireplace to a gas fireplace. It is recommended that you leave it to the professionals.


Burning wood in a gas fireplace is quite risky. If you wish to utilize wood in your fireplace, be sure it has been properly converted and taken all safety precautions. However, before you convert, you must first get the benefits and drawbacks to make the best selection for your house. If your house is not properly set up for conversion, it might cost a lot of money. If you have any concerns, get guidance from a specialist.

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