Do Gel Fireplaces Need a Chimney? (Surprising Answer)

A gel fuel fireplace does not need a chimney to operate. This is because its type of fuel source does not lead to smoke and odor in the room. Because of this feature, you would find that gel fireplaces would be used both indoors and outdoors. Also, most people find such fireplaces easy to move around and take them to where you want and start using them generally. 

The gel fireplace is also easy to use. All you need is to get yourself a lighting match and you are good to set it up anywhere. 

Types of Gel Fireplaces 

  • Indoor Freestanding Gel Fireplaces

Considering that a gel fuel fireplace will not need a chimney, then it is possible to have a freestanding gel fireplace. The freestanding fireplace does not need mounting unlike the gas and electric fireplace counterparts. 

The freestanding gel fireplace will be easy to move from one room to another depending on your heating needs. 

You can also find various features based on the design you pick. Some modern gel fireplaces will have glass panels for protection from wind and open flame. Some might even have a sound output to produce a crackling sound. 

  • Outdoor Gel Fireplaces 

The outdoor fireplaces will be the best to use for outdoor sitting areas such as patios. You would find some having great styles including fire bowls, fire tables, and so much more. 

The outdoor gel fireplaces will operate just like their indoor counterparts. However, make sure you always consider the safety of any fireplace while using it. Just because it does not need venting, you should not become reluctant to safety. 

  • Wall-mounted gel fireplaces
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Other than the freestanding fireplaces, you also get the wall-mounted fireplaces running on gel fuel. This is for those who do not want to keep moving the fireplace around. 

Wall-mounting for fireplaces is seen as a space saver. In case you do not have a lot of space in your home, then consider getting the wall-mounted fireplace. 

Do Gel Fireplaces Smell?

As already suggested, the gel fireplace does not a chimney or venting. That is why you may need to know more about its smell. 

Well, gel fuel is odorless. You may smell a bit of alcohol when you open the container lid, but that is it. When the canister is first lit, you may also notice a faint smell of liquor. 

Gel Fireplace Safety Tips 

If you are new to gel fireplaces, you should definitely consider learning more about their safety. Here are a few tips to get you started on operating the gel fireplace safely. 

  • You should never burn the gel fuel unattended
  • When operating the gel fireplace with a freestanding design, ensure it is placed on a level solid floor. The same applies to when using a similar model outdoors. The aim is to avoid possible tipping over of the fireplace. 
  • Take extreme care while burning the gel fuel outdoors. You should not turn it on if there are high winds. Also, snow and rain are not good for your gel fireplace.
  • When burning the gel fireplace, ensure you use its original container. No need to reuse or refill the container. Once the container is empty, go ahead to buy a new can. 
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You should consider following more tips from the manufacturers. They always have more details to help you understand the proper use of the gel fireplace. 

Conclusion: Do I Need a Chimney for a Gel Fireplace?

Gel fireplaces are awesome to own. For the most part, you will not have to think about adding a chimney. This is because of how the gel fuel works. So, it becomes easier for you to set up the fireplace in different rooms with ease. You could still get a wall-mounted option so that it saves on space too. If you are interested in such a fireplace, do not hesitate to get it for yourself today. 

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