How Much Do Gas Fireplace Logs Cost? How They Get Priced.

It can be common to get that people want the smell of burning wood in their fireplaces. However, that has changed with time due to the possibility of fumes, pollution, and so much more. It is why people now prefer going for the fireplace gas logs. 

The gas logs are loved for being easier to light, clean to run, and will generally provide you with more warmth in the house. Since gas fireplace logs are popular, it will make more people curious about their prices. So, how much do gas fireplace logs cost?

The gas fireplace logs will cost you an average of $390 to $1800 depending on the type, quality, and if you have to do the installation yourself. As expected, it will cost you less to do the installation on your own. 

The high-end gas fireplace logs can cost as high as $3,000 or even more. So take note of the quality of gas logs you are buying before spending such money on them. 

Factors Affecting the Price of Gas Fireplace Logs

There are many options for you to consider as gas fireplace logs, however, there will be a couple of factors that may determine which one stands out as the best. Here are the reasons gas fireplace logs differ in prices. 

  • Vented or ventless gas logs 

The vented gas logs require to have the chimney flue open to operate properly. It is for this reason you find that not all the heat generated is circulated in the room. Some would be lost through the chimney. 

The ventless gas fireplace logs will not require the chimney thus all the heat generated is sent into the room. This makes them more efficient. As such, they can cost a little bit more than their counterparts. 

  • The heat output 
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The heat output is measured in BTUs. Both types will have a good amount of heat generated. You should expect that the ventless gas fireplace logs would have a higher heat output. 

It is estimated that the ventless logs would generate from 20,000 BTUs to 60,000 BTUs while operating at 100% efficiency. This is when you want to heat an area of 800 to 1000 square feet. In the case of a vented version, the same amount of logs would only heat an area of 200 square feet. 

  • The looks 

You should not expect much from a cheap set of gas fireplace logs. They mostly look like fake logs mated with a gas flame. The more you are willing to spend, the more you will come across realistic fireplace logs even some having multiple burners. 

  • Additional features 

You definitely have to consider the additional features the fireplace would have. We are talking of remote controls, blowers, heat management, and so much more. 

When you have one that comes with a remote, you can control various functions remotely thus making it easier to operate. 

Are Gas Log Fireplaces Expensive To Run?

No. Gas fireplaces are known for being the most affordable to run. This is mostly because natural gas and propane are simply affordable. As an example, 100,000 BTUs will cost you $1.09 compared to $3.87 when you want the same output while using electricity. 

Due to such lower running costs, more people are inclined to consider it today. 

How Often Should You Replace The Logs In A Gas Fireplace?

The overall lifespan of your gas fireplace logs largely depends on the material used to make them and how often they are used. 

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The gas logs made of cement will last around 2 to 3 years. However, most gas logs right now are made of ceramic material. This makes them last longer. Some can go for over 10 years. Keep in mind these lifespans are only estimates and they will largely vary based on how often the logs are used. 

Also, ensure that the logs are installed correctly. This helps in improving their lifespan and ensuring they can last even longer. 

Gas Log Fireplace Installation

The gas fireplace logs need to be installed correctly. For this reason, you have to think of the installation supplies required. Here is a quick breakdown for you to consider. 

  • A flexible or solid gas line running to the fireplace. This will cost $25 to $50 per foot. Do not forget the shut-off valves. The price largely depends on the diameter and type of line you will be using. 
  • Installing a carbon monoxide detector. The cost varies from $40 to $100. Even if you are installing the ventless logs, it is still a good safety measure to consider. 
  • Proper inspection of your fireplace might be necessary. The same applies to your chimney in case you want to install the vented fireplace logs. Inspection plus cleaning can cost you $140 to $260. 
  • Of course, some miscellaneous expenses cannot be forgotten. Some people might want to do paint touch up, Teflon tape, and more. So, have a budget of up to $50 for this section. 

The installation process may also require permits in addition to the inspection costs. The permit cost can range from $50 to $200 depending on how much work the project requires. Sometimes you may require electric, mechanical, and plumbing inspections. This leads to a higher cost. 

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As for the installation time, it will take an average of 2 to 8 hours depending on the scope of the job. For most projects, it should be done within a day. 

What Are Fake Logs In Gas Fireplaces Made Of?

The fake logs would mostly be either consumable or non-consumable. 

The consumables would mostly be made of materials such as sawdust, coffee grounds, wax and oil, newspaper, cardboard, etc. 

The non-consumable fake fireplace logs will be made of fire-resistant materials including cement, ceramic, and other fire-resistant composites. 

Conclusion: Are Gas Logs Worth It?

Most people would find the fake gas fireplace logs are safer in terms of heating and aesthetically pleasing too. They are a better alternative to real fire especially for those who might have kids in the house. The real logs often tend to produce flying sparks and also lead to creosote buildup in your chimney. 

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