What Can I Use To Cover My Fireplace? Top 7 Ideas

Whenever you are not using your fireplace, sometimes you just want to have it be useful again. So, you can always find some good use for it during the summer months when everyone is always outdoors enjoying the sun. 

I will look at some of the options for anyone who might ask, how can I cover my fireplace when not in use? Check out the following ideas. 

7 Best Fireplace Cover Up Ideas

  1. Use a fireplace screen or insert

A fireplace screen or insert can be a nice addition to cover the unused fireplace for several months. The good thing with ornamental glass is that you get various options in terms of style, size, shape, materials, and more. So, it is easier to find a product matching your home decor. 

Even if it is not metal, you can consider burnished metal with some unique features too. So long as you can find a nice cover for your fireplace, it will be worth giving it a try. 

  1. Store firewood in the fireplace 

When the fireplace is not in use, it is essentially a good storage space for you. If it is a wood-burning fireplace, then store its wood in it. The wood logs should be chopped into the recommended sizes so that they can fit into the fireplace. The next time you want to use the fireplace, there will be enough wood for it. 

You can arrange the logs in a way that does not seem too shabby. A clean look is what you need to make more people like it. 

  1. Use candles for illumination 
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Candles can also help in improving the look of your unused fireplace. Here, I recommend going for the larger and colorful candles. They can be great for soft illumination mostly when you need to have a relaxed ambiance in the house. 

Try out candles of different colors so that you can enjoy the glow. Of course, candles are generally safer and cleaner than what you get as traditional fire. Even if they are safer, you should not leave them unattended for too long. 

  1. Fill it with potted plants 

Your house could use more greenery in terms of potted plants. If you love to add more plants to your house, this would be it. Here, you always have the space and there is also the mantel that can provide additional space for smaller plants. 

You can consider using some flowering plants too. Such plants would keep your home looking good while at the same time covering the obvious space in the fireplace. 

A quick note is that you should not overcrowd your fireplace. This helps give the plants enough space to grow. Ensure that the arrangement is also neat. 

  1. Setup a home library 

You can consider using the space as your home library. Here, you get to arrange your books in a neat way and give people a nice piece to look at. You can have shelves tailor-made to fit into the fireplace to hold the books. When you need to use the fireplace, simply pull out the shelves and continue using it. 

  1. Retile your fireplace

Since you are not using the fireplace for a few months, you might as well make it look nice again. For this case, you need to consider retiling the fireplace with some new and improved tile designs. 

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You will often find that you have several options for tiles. So, you can work with an interior designer to retile the fireplace in line with your current house decor. 

  1. Let it be

Well, sometimes you do not need to do much other than clean it. If the fireplace has a relic look, then you do not have to add anything. All you need is to dust it and add a few selected pictures on the mantel and let the piece speak for itself. 

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