Does a Wood-burning Fireplace Add Value?

The living room is the central room in any home. And homeowners sell their homes from the living room. A wood-burning fireplace in your living room will go a mile and add value to the whole residence. Economists and marketers say that wood-burning fireplaces can increase the home’s value by 50%.

Depending on the design and style of the fireplace, the value can increase up to 70%. Masonry wood-burning fireplaces allow you to select any design that you want. You can use various decoration materials like tiles and limestone to make it look perfect. Remember, unique designs will make you more money.

Decoration Ideas For Wood-burning Fireplace

1. Build a stone veneer

A veneer is when you use another material to cover up the low-quality material. In our case, you build a beautiful stone veneer around the wood-burning fireplace. You can also create the veneer straight up on the fireplace. The outcome will be excellent, and you will have many buyers on your door.

2. Create an entertainment center above the fireplace

Imagine the orange flames from the fireplace and the bright light from a flat-screen TV just above the mantel. The vision is perfect, and most buyers nowadays want such ideas. Create space on the sides of the TV for two speakers. Enjoy the warmth from the fireplace while entertaining yourself.

3. Paint your fireplace

This is a prominent factor that you must consider. Paint transforms anything to look perfect. You can say it is like makeup on a lady. But be careful with the choice of color. Do not use bright colors because they will reflect the flames in the room. Try and match the color with the general paint in the room.

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4. Try a rustic fireplace appearance.

When you hear something is rustic, it means it is simple to style that sometimes relates to the rural or countryside. You can make your wood-burning fireplace look rustic like it is on a farm. Use plain colors like white and create a longer mantel for you to display ornaments and pictures. The traditional and rustic appearance is the trend nowadays.

5. Brighten the fireplace

Make your fireplace look shiny and bright. It does not mean you paint it with bright color. Add accessories like the fireplace rug with bright colors. You can place candles on the sides of the fireplace. The best idea is to install a colored light bulb on the mantel—place string lights on the sides of the fireplace.

6. Raised hearth

The hearth is the floor of the firebox, and it extends some inches in front of the fireplace. Most hearths are at the same level as the floor of the room. But the trend has a raised hearth. Raised hearth separates the fireplace from the living room and brings in a perfect appearance. It is also safer to have a raised hearth because firewood will stay in position.

7. Artwork

For many years art has been the center of attraction. Try and draw artwork material on the fireplace. You can build a mantel with unique shapes of art. Wood carvings and metalwork will go a long way to make your fireplace look excellent. Display art paintings on the mantel but ensure the heat from the fireplace will not affect the painting.

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8. The corner wood burning fireplace

Most fireplaces are constructed in the center of the room. But a new and stylish design is to build it in the corner. The fireplace will stand separate in a corner reflecting the whole room. The corner was discovered to save wood because of the triangular shape. The fire will also collect at the center and spread quickly.

9. Place it in the kitchen.

In real estate, unique ideas make a sale. A buyer will sell a fireplace in the living room and find another one in the kitchen. The kitchen is already a warm room in the house, but the fireplace’s main purpose is aesthetics. For such fireplaces, you can install the insert wood-burning stoves.

10. Try the precious items.

You can go ahead and bring social class into your home. Use super expensive items like gold and diamond on your fireplace. Of course, such things will increase the value of your home. Diamonds sparkle as the flames light up, and gold will reflect well the orange flames. Make sure you get your return on investment.


The wood-burning fireplace is the oldest and energy inefficient type of fireplace. All these limitations add a great level of beauty to your home. In turn, it elevates the value of your home. Clean and remold your wood-burning fireplace, and you will sell your home at double the buying price or the market value.

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