How Much Does It Cost To Convert a Wood-burning Fireplace To Electric

It is a simple task to convert wood burning fireplace to an electric one. But how much does it cost to do so? The cost of this conversion ranges between $150 and $250. An expert will take two hours to complete the task. The process does not require significant structural alterations like in the case of the gas fireplace.

The purchase price of an electric insert fireplace ranges between $100 and $1000. The prices vary depending on the model and brand. You will incur extra expenses if you do not have an electric outlet nearby. The average cost of installing an electric outlet is $200 to $700.

The important part of this process is cleaning the firebox and the chimney. Once they are clean, then you can install the electric insert. A few changes have to be made for the fireplace to support the insert.

How To Convert Wood-burning Fireplace To Electric Insert Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are very easy to install, especially on existing fireboxes. Youn will not require any type of venting or re-construction. Insert fireplaces come in different sizes so that you can choose the appropriate size. You can also make a customized purchase if you have a unique firebox. Below is how you can convert a wood-burning fireplace to an electric insert.

Step 1. Measure the size of your firebox, then purchase an electric insert that fits perfectly in the box. Experts advise that you remove 1.5 inches from the box size; for example, if the firebox is 15 inches by 20 inches, then purchase an electric fireplace that is 13.5 inches by 18.5 inches.

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Step 2. Clean the firebox by removing ashes, soot, and other debris. You can use a hand brush and a hosepipe to clean the fireplace thoroughly.

Step 3. Close the chimney permanently because the electric fireplace does not require ventilation. Ensure it is properly sealed so that water does not flow into the firebox.

Step 4. Connect the power outlet closer to the fireplace. Ensure you use the standard electric connection requirements.

Step 5. Now insert the electric fireplace into the firebox and plug in the power cable. Make sure everything is connected well, and switch on your fireplace.

Why Should You Convert Wood-burning Fireplace To Electric

Many homeowners nowadays are converting wood-burning fireplaces to electric ones. The following are reasons that will convince you also to join the trend.

1. Clean air

Wood burning fireplaces can be uncomfortable with dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide and smoke. On the other hand, electric fireplaces do not produce fumes, and the flames you see are not real. The heating coil is heated, and an electric fan blows warm air into the room. The warm air is 100% clean; hence no worry about inhaling dangerous fumes.

2. Favorable maintenance costs

The cost of wood will discourage you from using your wood-burning fireplace. In addition, the cleaning costs are also high, especially for cleaning the chimney. It is also tiresome to clean the ashes and soot in the firebox regularly.

However, an electric fireplace is very cheap to maintain and clean. It does not produce soot or leaves ashes for periodic cleaning. Just wipe the exterior with a wet rug, and it is suitable for weeks. You will also realize that electricity is lower than the cost of wood.

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3. Safety

The open flames on a wood-burning fireplace can be hazardous to adults, children, and pets. The flying embers can easily start a fire leading to losses. Moreover, the carbon monoxide produced can lead to a silent death. This is why you should switch to an electric fireplace for its safety features.

Research shows that electric fireplaces are the safest, and you can even leave them on the whole night. The flames are not real hence children or pets can touch the screen because it is not hot. You will not require ventilation because it does not produce toxic gases.

4. Cheap and easy to install

Indeed, it is costly to construct a complete wood-burning fireplace. The cost of raw materials and labor is very high. Installing the chimney requires professional skills that are also very expensive. On the other side, electric fireplaces are easy to install, and you can do it by yourself.

Comparing the purchase price of an electric fireplace and the wood-burning construction cost, you will find out that an electric fireplace is cheaper.

5. Designs and styles

If you want unique designs and special styles, choose to use an electric fireplace. You can choose a design that fits your personal preference. For example, you can select one that fits a traditional look or a farmhouse. Some electric fireplaces have unique features that allow you to change the theme on display.

Wrapping up

If we consider small factors like the extension of the power outlet, then it can cost you between $250 and $950 to convert a wood-burning fireplace to electric. You can see from above how you can easily do the conversion in a few minutes. In conclusion, please join the trend and convert your wood-burning fireplace to electric for better life and comfort.

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