Do Electric Fireplaces in TV Stands Give off Heat? Reasons to Getting One

Electric fireplaces come in different configurations. It is possible today to get an electric fireplace as part of a TV stand design. It should be interesting to see how the two can work together. 

Like any other electric fireplace, even that with a TV stand should give off the heat too. As much as the flames would be simulated, you will find that the warmth is real. This is because the electric fireplace contains a heater vital for generating heat. 

Since there is the generation of heat, it would be good for heating your living room during the cold days while enjoying more TV shows or movies. 

Benefits of Having a TV Stand with Electric Fireplace

It must be an interesting idea to see an electric fireplace being part of the TV stand. Here are the reasons for having such a TV stand. 

  • Get the electric fireplace features 

Most manufacturers make the fireplace to be unique and customizable too. We are talking of scenarios where you can change the colors and adjust the overall brightness of the electric fireplace. 

Sometimes you would get an electric fireplace having a 3D flame effect. This is with the use of exclusive technology important for producing realistic flames. You might even think it is the flame you get when using wood fireplaces. 

Some models can have the auto-shutoff feature. This is vital in case you fall asleep without turning off the electric fireplaces. The last thing you need is a fire hazard. 

  • Electric fireplaces have safety features 

Electric fireplaces are generally safe. This is for those who might ask, are fireplace TV stands safe? Or Do electric fireplaces ruin TVs?

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Manufacturers understand you would be using the fireplace close to your TV, thus the reason for having more safety features available. 

One of the biggest safety features is that the electric fireplaces do not smoke or smell. Without the presence of smoke, such a fireplace cannot damage your TV, furniture, or other electronics around it. 

Most models in the market would have various fire protection technologies. The idea is to ensure the fireplace does not end up as a fire hazard. An example is that when the electric fireplace gets too hot, it will shut off. 

Since there is also less mess to clean, maintenance will not be a big deal for most people. Even for those that might not always maintain their fireplaces, this would be an ideal situation for them. 

Of course, the electric fireplace will also have doors or covers to ensure they are properly covered to prevent possible damage or getting burnt from the heater. 

How many inches should TV be from the electric fireplace?

As much as a TV stand with a fireplace will generally protect your TV, it is vital to keep in mind the minimal distance between the electric fireplace and TV. 

It is recommended to keep the TV at least 8 inches on top of the electric fireplace. Even the designers of the TV stand will keep this in mind ensuring your TV is not affected by the fireplace heat. 

Do electric fireplace TV stands use a lot of electricity?

The only thing that would be using electricity in this setup is the electric fireplace and TV if you have it on the TV stand. 

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The electric fireplace will, on average, have a rating of 1500 watts. This translates to around 0.003 to 3 cents per hour, depending on the power setting. Sometimes you can consider only activating the flames, but not the heater. As such, you use lesser electricity since it is only the bulbs that are activated. 

When you turn on the heater, expect to spend around 9 cents an hour on electricity. This is good enough to keep the room warm at a half-power rating. The cost doubles if you decide to run the heater at its maximum rating. 

Electric fireplace pros and cons


  • Easy to use 
  • It has no mess
  • Requires little maintenance 
  • The cost is relatively low 
  • Can have realistic flames
  • Good heating capacity 
  • No harmful emissions 


  • The flames are not real
  • Lifespan is not always the best 
  • No real fire sounds 

Conclusion: Do Electric Fireplaces Give Off Heat?

Yes. An electric fireplace with a TV stand still contains a heating element. The heater is what helps the fireplace give off heat. However, the overall design of such an electric fireplace and the TV stand ensures not much heat gets to the TV that it might destroy it. As such, it is a safe fireplace to use in conjunction with the TV. It is now time to upgrade your living area look and your TV too. 

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