How Do I Replace the Light in My Electric Fireplace?

It is time for you to change the bulb in your fireplace, but you have no idea of doing it. The bulbs could be broken or need adjusting to balancing light across the fireplace. You may think it is a difficult process such that you need a professional. Sometimes, you need a screwdriver and new bulbs to get your family back to enjoying the fireplace. Do not worry; in this guide, we will help you figure out the procedure of changing light bulbs in your fireplace.

Step by Step Guide of How To Change a Bulb in an Electric Fireplace

1. Turning Off the Fireplace

The first step includes switching off the fireplace unit and unplugging it from any electric sources. It is a safety procedure for anyone undertaking maintenance practices on electrical products. Also, you should let the fireplace unit cool for about 10 t0 15 minutes. Hot bulbs can injure you or cause further damage to the fireplace.

2. Removing the Rear Access Panel

You should find a cover on the back of the electric fireplace unit. The location can differ depending on the model of the fireplace unit, but it is typically found at the back. The panel is usually held by a few screws and can be removed within a short time to reach the bulb compartment. You should refer to the manufacturer’s manual to get specific information about the access panel.

3. Locate and Replace the Light Bulbs

Once you remove the access cover, it should be easy to get to the bulbs. They are usually located near the set of mirrors that create the flame effects. Rotate the bulbs in anticlockwise motion to detach them from the unit. It is however recommended that you do not use your bare hands and use a towel or gloves to hold the bulbs. The touch of your hands weakens halogen bulbs. Attach the replacement bulb by turning it in a clockwise motion until secure. Be careful not to overtighten the bulb.

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4. Secure the Rear Access Cover

Re-attach the access panel by screwing it back on the fireplace unit. The cover is essential in protecting the internal components of a fireplace unit.

5. Testing the New Bulb

Once you are sure the cover is secure, plug the fireplace in. You can then turn on the flame effects to see whether the newly installed bulb works. If the process was successful, the lights should be flickering and dancing as if the fireplace is new.

What Bulb Type is Needed For an Electric Fireplace?

The model determines the sort of illumination bulb you require. The owner’s handbook for your electric fireplace should provide this information. If you’ve misplaced or thrown away your owner’s manual, get in touch with the manufacturer. Such information is key so that you do not destroy your fireplace by installing the wrong bulb kinds.

One may sometimes go with the old lightbulb to your local hardware shop and ask them to identify it for you. Often, a label on the light bulb will indicate the light bulb you require for the electric fireplace. The most common electric fireplace bulb is the 40-watt clear E12 light Bulb. This will help save on costs of ordering the wrong bulb.

How Often are Electric Light Bulbs Changed?

If the bulb is not broken, do not try to repair it. When you see that the flames’ intensity on your electric fireplace is starting to decrease, replace all of the bulbs simultaneously. This is to ensure that the brightness is evenly distributed throughout the device. It is also the most convenient option since you will have to go through the installation procedure only once rather than every time a bulb fails. All of your bulbs have the same lifespan, if one fails, the others will follow suit.

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What is the Lifespan of the Electric Fireplace Light Bulbs?

The longevity of your electric fireplace light bulbs is totally dependent on how they are used. These bulbs should last as long as any other household lighting fixture. Incandescent light bulbs typically last 1,000-2,000 hours. Having said that, the light bulbs in electric fireplaces should be replaced every couple of years.


Changing bulbs in an electric fireplace can be an easy process, as seen from the above guide. For your safety, make sure the electric fireplace unit is unplugged before working on it. Injuries can be avoided by allowing the fireplace to cool.

The access panel is easy to remove and re-attach because it needs simple tools like a screwdriver. Remember to check with the manufacturer’s manual to get the right bulb. If the replacement is not successful, follow the same procedure to put a more effective bulb.

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