Electric fireplace on carpet

Can You Put an Electric Fireplace on the Carpet?

Many of you are confused about whether you can put an electric fireplace on the carpet near you. Yes, you can but you have to know a few things before doing so. People put electric fireplaces on carpets to bring them closer and enjoy the warmth. However, the fireplace units can damage the carpets and their upholstery. 

When placing the fireplace unit on the carpet make sure the inlet and outlet of the heater are not blocked. If your fireplace unit has stands, use them. The stands help elevate the heating component from the ground thus not in touch with the carpet. 

You may also need to take a look at the warranty provided. Most of the warranties will prohibit the placement of electric fireplaces on raised platforms. Other warranties prohibit placing the unit on the carpet entirely. So, you will have to remove any carpet before placing the fireplace unit.

If there are no restrictions about placing the fireplace unit on a carpet, clean the carpet first. You can vacuum or sweep the carpet to remove dirt that may spoil the fireplace. After that, check whether the floor beneath the carpet is level. If not, apply a leveler to achieve it. This helps avoid the risk of an electric fireplace tipping over.

Adhesive can be applied to the carpet to secure the fireplace unit firmly. Make sure the adhesive is designed to be used with carpets. The manufacturer provides information specifically on adhesives. You can also use short brads and nails to tack down the fireplace. 

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What is the Best Electric Fireplace Type for a Carpet

Homeowners get confused about what type of fireplace to buy when they have carpets at home as floor covers. Do not worry, we will look at things that you need to know before purchasing a fireplace unit. 

Keep the following in mind and it will be easy to get your selection;

  1. Location of the heating unit

This factor is key if you have a long shaggy carpet. Electric fireplaces with heating elements located at the top are better suited here. This is because they are not in contact with the carpet which may damage the heating unit. 

The risk of a fire is also reduced. Shaggy carpets can block the inlets and outlets if placed close to the heating unit.

  1. Heating Capacity

There are several heating options when it comes to electric fireplaces. The choice depends on how much heat you need and the size of the room being placed in. It depends on whether you like just the warmth of a fireplace or want to heat the whole room. 

Examples include;

  • Forced fan; for rooms smaller than 400 square feet
  • Infrared; for rooms up to 1,000 square feet
  • Ceramic; the best in smallest areas

Knowing the above information will help prevent overheating. This may pose a risk for fire while on carpets. Carpets can catch fire easily especially when they have long shaggy bristles.

  1. Safety Features

Any electrical fireplace unit you may be choosing is considered safe. However, there are other factors that can help you keep a piece of mind. They include;

  • Safety shut-off system that automatically shuts off a fireplace unit if it is accidentally knocked over.
  • Automatic shut-off timer: Such a system allows you to sleep peacefully. You can just set the timer and the fireplace will shut off at the specified time.
  • Temperature Limiter: This will prevent malfunctioning. If the fireplace unit gets too hot, it will shut off avoiding the risk of fire.
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Safety Tips You Need

Here are some important safety tips you need to know when you have an electric fireplace in your house;

  1. An electric fireplace should be above any material it is sitting on. This prevents overheating and provides proper air circulation. 
  2. If there are legs for your fireplace, make sure they are set apart. This allows for air to circulate properly.
  3. Make sure you turn off and unplug an electric fireplace after using it. This will prevent people from getting burnt. 
  4. Never leave an electric fireplace unattended especially with pets and children around. 
  5. Keep the electric fireplace on stable ground so that it is not knocked over
  6. Keep your electric fireplace away from flammable materials like curtains.
  7. Avoid leaving a fireplace running overnight. 


Yes, most electric fireplaces can be placed on a carpet comfortably. However, you will need to be aware of the things mentioned above. If the inlet and outlet are blocked, there is a high risk of a fire. Also, wherever you place your fireplace has to be flat always to avoid being knocked over. Safety features are also important in this case. 

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