Where to Mount Electric Fireplaces. 4 Top Mounting Considerations

Deciding on where to mount your electric fireplace has always been a headache to most homeowners. There are several important factors that you have to consider before you settle on the best location. For example, you have to consider the type of electric fireplace and decide on the appropriate location. 

You must also consider the initial intention of your electric fireplace. If you want it for aesthetics and decorations, then mount it at a central place where everybody can see it. 

If you only want the functional purpose, you can hide it or place it near a power outlet. 

Factors to Consider on Where to Mount an Electric Fireplace 

  1. Type of electric fireplace 

Using the heating mechanism as an example, there are two basic types of electric fireplaces. These are; infrared electric fireplaces and fan-heater electric fireplaces. 

The fan-heater electric fireplace draws in cold air and blows out warm air back in the room. This means you can mount such a fireplace in any appropriate place in the room. 

On the other hand, an infrared electric fireplace releases longwave and shortwave rays that heat up any object in its path. Mount such a fireplace to face your sitting area so that you will be in direct contact with the rays of heat. 

  1. Electric power outlet 

With the current technology, most, if not all electric fireplaces use the standard household 110 volts outlet like other house appliances. You must mount your electric fireplace close to a power outlet.

Electric fireplaces do not use extension cords. Doing so might trigger the circuit breaker killing power to other appliances. 

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However, circumstances can force you to require an extension cord. Then in such a case, the minimum size is 14 AWG for 1900 watts or more. 

The extension cord must have three wires that allow earthing with a maximum length of 20 feet. Any extension cord that does not have these qualities will overheat and might cause a fire. 

  1. The initial intention 

Nowadays, most electric fireplaces allow you to use them all year round. If your intention is to add beauty and aesthetics to your home, then mount it at a strategic place where your visitors will see it. 

If you only want the heat, then mount it anywhere near a power outlet. With functional purpose, you can hide the fireplace in the ceiling or in the wall. 

Most indoor electric fireplaces are built for aesthetics and show-off while outdoor ones are for necessity and durability. 

  1. The amount of heat you require 

90 % of electric fireplaces can heat up to 400 square feet of space. So, mount your electric fireplace at a strategic position that will allow the fireplace to heat 400sq.ft. If the room is too big, mount two fireplaces each heating up its own side. 

You can use the heating equation to find how many square feet your fireplace can heat. The heating equation states that you divide the wattage rating on your fireplace by ten to find the heating area. For example, if your electric fireplace is 1700 watts then it can heat up 170 square feet.

Can You Put an Electric Fireplace in the Wall?

Yes, you can put an electric fireplace in the wall. In fact, such fireplaces are called built-in or recessed electric fireplaces. 

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This type of fireplace is best for a new building or when you are doing renovations. The air inlet and outlet are at the front. Such fireplaces are wired directly to the standard 110 volts circuit because it is a permanent fireplace. 

What is the Recommended Height for Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace?

The height for a wall mount electric fireplace depends on the type of outlet the fireplace has. But the recommended height is 2 feet to 3 feet off the floor

There are three types of units for a wall mount electric fireplace. These are; bottom outlet unit, front outlet unit, and top outlet unit. 

The front outlet unit and the top outlet unit can be placed on the floor or one foot off the floor. But the bottom outlet unit must be over two feet off the floor. 

All these fireplaces should be given a good clearance distance of about 1.5 feet. The air inlet side should also be given a good clearance distance. 

Conclusion: Are electric fireplaces worth the money?

You will incur some expenses before you install your electric fireplace. But at last, the electric fireplace will be better than gas or wood-burning fireplace. You will find that an electric fireplace is safer than the other types of the fireplace. An electric fireplace can be used outdoors and indoors. 

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