Electric fireplace in bathroom

Can You Put an Electric Fireplace in a Bathroom?

Yes, you can install an electric fireplace in your bathroom. However, make sure you install in accordance with the international and local codes. The electric fireplace unit should be specially designed for use in areas with high moisture content. You will get both a cozy heat and style in your bathroom using such units. 

What are the Rules when Installing an Electric Fireplace in a Bathroom

There are several distinct aspects you need to consider when installing an electric fireplace in a bathroom. They include safety codes, the design of the fireplace unit, and the location of the unit for maximum effectiveness. 

  • Safety codes

For the safety codes, you should check both the international and local codes. If installing an electric fireplace in a bathroom contravenes the codes, you should not proceed. The International Residential Code is one of the main codes governing the construction and design of homes. It however does not state anything about installing an electric fireplace in a bathroom. 

The general guidelines for installing electric fireplaces include;

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  2. Keep combustible materials away from the electric fireplace unit
  3. Make sure you have a way to disconnect the electric fireplace

The local codes apply to different states and areas. You should go through such before making a decision that can affect your home non-superficially. This involves installing an electric fireplace in your bathroom. 

  • Choose a Waterproof Electric Fireplace

Not all electric fireplaces can work in a bathroom. When purchasing a unit, look out for those listed for both indoor and outdoor use. Or better, look for those specifically made to be used in a bathroom.

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The units are made waterproof because the chances of the appliance coming in contact with water are inevitable. Water and weather elements are inevitable for bathroom and outdoor uses. The electric fireplace should also provide enough heat to heat the bathroom effectively. 

You should be careful with outdoor-only fireplaces. If you install such fireplaces in a bathroom, you may run into a furnace. Such fireplaces are designed to warm an open area. They can produce high heat continuously because the heat is blown away by moving air. So an outdoor electric fireplace may not suit the use in a bathroom. 

Benefits of Electric Fireplaces In a Bathroom

  1. They act as a source of heat in the bathroom. This helps to elongate and enjoy baths during the winter. Combine this with the best bathtubs to have wonderful soaks.
  2. Adds decor and style to your home. They have various styles and can add ambiance to the bathroom. You can make the room look luxurious using just an electric fireplace. 
  3. Compared to the other types of fireplaces like wood-burning or gas, they are a step ahead. This is because they produce no smoke, have low risks of gas leaks, and do not require frequent cleaning. 

Disadvantages of Electric Fireplaces in a Bathroom

  1. Safety concerns are probably in everyone’s mind when thinking about an electric fireplace in a bathroom.
  2. There could be limited heat output for the big bathrooms.
  3. They use up alot of space. Electric fireplaces are installed on the wall. This could be a problem if you have a small bathroom with limited space. 
  4. There is potential for a fire hazard. This happens if the electric fireplaces are not installed and maintained properly. Electrical insulation is therefore important. 
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Tips to Help Minimize Potential of Fire Hazards

  • Installing a waterproof electric fireplace that is designed to resist contact with moisture
  • Hire certified electricians to help install your electric fireplace. All exposed connection points should be tucked away from the reach of moisture. 
  • Securing the unit properly so there are little chances of it falling from the wall. 
  • Flammable materials, such as curtains or towels should be kept away from the electric fireplace unit. The windows could also blow a breeze onto something flammable; consider them too. 

Bathroom Electric Fireplaces Design

There are several design possibilities that you can choose from. They include;

  1. The Mantle Look

This type is more appropriate for grand bathrooms rather than small bathrooms. It involves surrounding the fireplace with a mantle. It also introduces new spaces for designing for example the mantle shelf and the area above it. 

  1. Tile or Brick

In this case, the fireplace is surrounded by stones or bricks to give it a rustic outdoorsy feel. Tiles also give a good range of designs. This is suitable for small bathrooms compared to a mantle. 

  1. The floating Wall Look

The electric fireplaces are encased with glass on both sides. You can then install it on the wall between your bathroom and bedroom. This will create a dramatic look as the wall seemingly floats over the fireplace. It also allows you to heat two rooms at a go.


Electric fireplaces can be installed in a bathroom. Just like any electrical installation you have to follow the stipulated codes to ensure safety. Of all the options of fireplaces available, electric fireplaces are the simplest to install and maintain. They come in different designs to fit your bathroom’s decor and size. The best option is getting a waterproof electric fireplace. 

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