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The Electric Fireplace Keeps Shutting Off. Reasons Why

An electric fireplace is just like any conventional heater. There are times it may seem it is not working at all. There are several reasons why an electric fireplace may keep turning off. Some are more common than others. We will therefore look at those that are common to all units. 

An electric fireplace keeps shutting off because;

  • The unit is overheating

Electric fireplaces automatically turn off when they start to overheat. This may be caused by the blockage of air inlets and outlets. Or there could be damage to the fan. 

The fireplace automatically turns off to protect the unit from excess heat. Overheating can also result in a fire hazard in your home. You can check the manual instructions for further advice on overheating.

  • Restriction of Airflow

This is among the main causes of overheating in electric fireplace units. The fireplaces unit needs proper airflow to function properly. The air also cools the unit. Blockage of the air inlets and outlets causes malfunction of electric fireplace units.

Check the inlet and find whatever is causing the blockage. It could be dust, paper, or a carpet. This is why you are advised to raise the fireplace above the carpet level. 

Also, choose locations of the house that make sure there is no air blockage. The heater inlet should be kept away from furniture, walls, and any item that may accidentally block the airflow. 

The models with an air filter may need checking. If the air filter is dirty the electric fireplace will turn off.

  • Temperature Settings
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The temperature settings of an electric fireplace may mainly consist of low, medium, and high. If the room temperature has reached what you set, the unit automatically turns off. It is therefore for you to decide on the temperature that suits you. If there is a thermostat, set a higher heat setting than the room temperature of your home. 

  • The Heater is Blocked

When the outflow of warmed air is blocked, it can cause overheating in an electric fireplace unit. The system will then automatically shut off. Check to see if there is anything blocking the air outlet. It can be a wall, furniture, or even curtains. This is why it is recommended to locate the unit at least 3 feet away from any obstacles.

  • The Heater Element is Dusty or Dirty

Regular inspections of the electric fireplace unit are important. Also, check the area the unit is housed occasionally to clean it up. The buildup of dust and dirt causes the heating elements to overheat. This in turn causes the unit to shut off.

You should turn off the heater first and unplug it from the socket when checking for dust. Allow the electric fireplace unit to cool down first before proceeding to work on it. You can read the manufacturer’s guidelines while waiting for it to cool down.

  • Using Incorrect Bulbs

If the bulbs are too high wattage for your model, it may turn off. It is therefore important to purchase bulbs of the wattage that matches your fireplace model. This mainly occurs after you have changed the bulbs recently. The owner’s manual provides the best bulb recommendations. 

  • Plugging an electric fireplace in an extension lead
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Always plug your electric fireplace directly into a wall socket. The unit can also turn off if it draws in too much current. As a result, the internal circuit breaker of the extension may trip. 

Why is my Electric Fireplace Blowing Cold Air?

This could be a sign that the heating element is damaged. This means there is a need for a replacement because it has been damaged possibly by overheating. 

Other causes could be loose wires or the thermostat is set below the room temperature. 

Unplug the electric fireplace unit from the socket first. Leave it for 30 minutes as you make proper settings before trying again. If the problem persists, the heating element should be replaced. 

Why Would My Electric Fireplace Not Turn On?

The unit may keep shutting off, but may also be a problem turning on. Here are some of the reasons for this;

  • The socket in which the electric fireplace is plugged is not turned on
  • The main power switch of the electric fireplace is off
  • There could be faulty wiring
  • Inspect the fuse and replace it immediately if spoilt
  • The fireplace is in a confined space with a lot of obstructions
  • The remote may be having faulty batteries.


An electric fireplace shutting off could be a normal thing depending on the settings. Otherwise, a fireplace turning off could be a result of problems. Inspect your electric unit regularly to clean out the excess dirt. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to maintain the fireplace. 

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