How Much Space is Needed Behind an Electric Fireplace?

The general rule states you have to give the back of an electric fireplace a one-foot space. But the one-foot distance is not necessary because an electric fireplace can still function well without any space. The backside of an electric fireplace does not get hot. But it can get a little bit warm from the operations inside the fireplace. 

The air inlet and outlet areas of an electric fireplace are the only parts that require a good clearance distance of three feet. When the fan blows over the hot coil some of the hot air flows backward warming up the backside of the fireplace. The warm backside does not have any dangerous side effects. 

However, the warm backside should not be close to any combustible material. After some time the warmth can turn into fire. The best materials behind an electric fireplace are concrete and drywall. Wood and plastic should be avoided. 

The modern zero clearance electric fireplaces do not require any space at the back. 

How to Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

A wall mount fireplace is an electric fireplace that can be hung on the wall using brackets and screws. There are different types of walls but this article will focus on a concrete wall. Below is how you can do it.  

What you need 

  • An electric drill 
  • Tape measure 
  • Tape measure
  • Carpenters level 
  • Pencil

Step 1 

Of course, start by selecting the most appropriate location. Select a place that is close to an electric outlet. An extension cord is discouraged with electric fireplaces. Also, consider the air inlets and outlets of the fireplace. There should be a clearance distance of three feet from any combustible material

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If your wall mount fireplace has a top air outlet, then do not install it close to the ceiling. The same goes for the bottom air outlet, do not install it close to the floor. 

Do not use a top wall mount fireplace if your tv is above the fireplace. 

Step 2

Hold the mounting brackets on the wall and use the carpenter’s level to ensure that it is perfect on the wall. Once you see everything is well, mark the holes on the bracket using the pencil. Mark out where the screws will go.

Step 3 

Stop holding the brackets on the wall and take up the electric drill. Make pilot holes on the marked areas. Then use the screws and screwdriver to attach the brackets to the wall. 

Attach both the bottom and side brackets. Most wall mount fireplaces come with brackets, but you can get them from any hardware store. 

Step 4

Now it is time to hang the wall mount fireplace on the wall. Attach the fireplace on the brackets and make sure you fasten the screws and bolts. Brackets that come with the fireplace easily intersect. 

Step 5

Once the fireplace is on the wall, plug it in the power outlet and switch it on. Follow the steps and conditions above and you will enjoy using your electric fireplace. 

How High Should an Electric Fireplace be from the Floor?

How high an electric fireplace should be from the floor depends on the position of the air inlets and outlets. The critical electric fireplace is the one that has a bottom air inlet or outlet. Such an electric fireplace must be 1.5ft to 2ft off the floor. Any other type of electric fireplace has no restriction with minimal distance off the floor. 

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Electric Fireplace Cord Requirements

Electric fireplaces are said to be the safest type of fireplaces. But with a poor quality power cord, it can be a fire hazard. First of all, ensure you directly plug in a 120V power outlet. Do not use power surge protectors because they cut down the output power. 

Always read and master the maximum wattage on your electric fireplace. Because not all electric fireplaces can use the 120V power outlets. If it uses more, give it a dedicated circuit. Do not use extension cords on any electric fireplace. 

If conditions force you to use extension codes, then ensure the minimum size is 14 AWG. The rated watts on the code must not be less than 1900W. A good extension cord for an electric fireplace should be three wired. This means it must have the grounding. Make sure the cord is not longer than 20 feet. 

A damaged plug-in cord is also dangerous. Many people forget the cord after installation. But you are advised to regularly check and inspect the cord for signs of wear and tear. If the warranty covers the cord replacement, then contact the manufacturer or seller. 


An electric fireplace is the most compatible type of fireplace. As a general rule, you are supposed to give a distance of one foot at the back of an electric fireplace. But a zero distance can also work unless the back has an air inlet or outlet. This also applies to the distance off the floor. 

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