How Much Does a Fake Fireplace Cost?

A fake fireplace is a fireplace designed to look like a real fireplace. Its flames and heat are not real. It can also be called a faux fireplace. It only adds aesthetics to your house but does not have any functionality. 

A fake fireplace is the cheapest fireplace design. This is because it is just an imitation of the real thing. On average a fake fireplace can cost $2000, but other factors like size and design can increase the cost up to $5000. There are several factors that affect the cost of a fake fireplace. For example, a huge fake fireplace will cost more. 

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Fake Fireplace 

  1. Size 

Of course the larger the fireplace the more input costs you will incur. The smallest fake fireplace can cost less than $2000. The electric cables and lights that bring out the fake flame are very expensive. Some can even cost $300 per foot. So a big fireplace will require more of them. 

A medium-size fake fireplace is the best because the fireplace does not produce real heat. 

  1. Design/style 

The design goes hand in hand with the material and labor cost. The most expensive design is one that incorporates bricks and stones. This type of material has many additional costs like masonry cost and concrete. However, you can use fake bricks and stones. Some styles are unique and require the skills of an expert. And of course, experts are expensive to hire and maintain. 

For fake fireplaces, there is no compromise when it comes to design. You must incur all costs for fake to look real. If your home is for sale, a good design will attract buyers then you will recover the input cost. 

  1. Hearth 
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This is the floor/base of the fireplace. Even a fake fireplace must have a hearth that looks real. It will cost you more if the hearth extends into the sitting area. The size and design of the fake fireplace will also affect the cost of the hearth. 

Many homeowners suggest you construct an expensive hearth so that guests will not recognize it as a fake fireplace.

Types of Fake Fireplace and Their Estimated Costs 

  1. Fake brick and stone fireplace 

This is a moveable fake fireplace. The bricks and stones look real and add a natural look to your house or patio. It is lightweight and can work during the day and night. It is moveable giving you a chance to change the position of your fireplace. On average this type can cost $2000. 

  1. Fake mantel and surround fireplace

A mantel is an area just above the fireplace. So this is a fake fireplace that includes a fake mantel. The whole unit from the ceiling down to the fireplace is fake. This type of fake fireplace is immovable because it is too big. It can cost $2500. You can see this type is somehow expensive than the fake brick type. This is because it has an extra cost of constructing the fake mantel. 

  1. Fake stack of wood fireplace 

This is an imitation of real wood burning. It makes you feel like you are camping outside. You can see a real stack of wood on flames. Nowadays this type comes with a control box that allows you to change the color of the flames. They are movable and have a plug-in cable. This is the most expensive fake fireplace and can cost $5000. You must have electric power for it to work.

  1. Fake-real fireplace 
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This is an electric fake fireplace that is inserted into a real masonry fireplace. This is an immovable fireplace that is installed in an already existing real fireplace. This action changes a real fireplace into a fake fireplace. The maintenance costs of a real masonry fireplace are what forces people to do this. It has an average cost of $2000. 

  1. TV stands with a fake fireplace 

This type brings in real elegance and aesthetics. It is a simple TV stand with fake flames below the stand. You will wait to see if the television will catch fire. When the fake flames combine with the light from the TV then the room looks excellent. The description will make you think it is expensive stuff, but it can cost $2200 or less.

  1. Fake wall mount fireplace 

This is a simple fake fireplace that you can hang on the wall. It can have a fake stack of wood that is on fake flames. Remember the fireplace is fake on a real wall. However, in Europe, a style of both fake fireplace and fake walls are catching up. On average, this type can cost $2000 or more depending on size and design. 

  1. Fake fireplace with storage area 

This is a fake fireplace but has doors making it a storage area. This type is not electric and mostly immovable. Fake brick and stone fireplace agree and match with this type. Some do not have doors but have a hidden storage area in the background. The approximate cost of this fireplace is $2000. 

  1. Theme fake fireplace 

Choose a theme you want and create a fake fireplace. For example, young homeowners can choose a movie-based theme. While mature homeowners can choose a farmhouse theme. A farmhouse theme is the common one, with the fake flames you will feel you are on a real farm. This type can cost $3500 or more depending on the input of your theme. 

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A fake fireplace is the cheapest type of fireplace. It can cost between $2000 and $5000. There are three main factors that affect the cost of a fake fireplace. These factors are size, design, and hearth. A fake fireplace is cheap to construct and maintain. But an electric one can be expensive to maintain in the long run due to high electricity bills. 

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