What is a Linear Electric Fireplace? How It Can Improve Home Decor

Linear electric fireplaces are extra-long electric fireplaces that can be installed indoors or outdoors. They have a rectangular shape ideal for lengthy and wide walls with architectural lines. 

This type of electric fireplace has the best look and adds aesthetic to any room. This is why it is also called a contemporary fireplace. 

Many modern-day indoor and outdoor designers prefer this electric fireplace because it fits with any type of wall design. 

In the beginning, linear fireplaces used gas, but due to the benefits of electric fireplaces, the source of energy changed to electricity. A linear electric fireplace comes with the perfect flame technology which is the attractive part of the whole system.

A linear electric fireplace can be recessed inside a wall of any material allowing two rooms to use one fireplace. It is one fireplace that looks like it is transparent allowing the two rooms to share the beauty and elegance of one fireplace.  

The length of these fireplaces ranges between three feet and twenty-one feet. They have an excellent heating ability because they have several heating coils and fans. They also have the perfect flame illusion that may have realistic logs and stones. And they require little to zero clearance hence they cannot affect the wall. 

Are Linear Fireplaces a Fad?

Yes, linear electric fireplaces are a fad in recent days. Many people are running towards this type of electric fireplace because of the beauty and ambiance it adds to any space. But this fad will not be short-lived because linear fireplaces have many benefits over traditional fireplaces like gas fireplaces. 

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The flames are not real hence the glass does not get hot to touch and the wall next to the glass will not be destroyed. 

Linear electric fireplaces are also safe for children and pets because they do not get hot. You can leave them on the whole night because they won’t start a fire. 

All in all, the main reason linear electric fireplaces have spread all over the world is the aesthetic they add to a place. And they can fit with any design than the traditional fireplaces which only match with a specific design. 

Do Linear Electric Fireplaces Give Off Heat?

Yes, linear electric fireplaces also give off heat. In fact, they give off more heat than an ordinary fireplace. Unlike the gas and wood-burning fireplace which you only use during the cold season, linear electric fireplaces can be used the whole year. This is because the heating system is separate from the flame system. 

So, you can switch off the heating system during the warm season and only use the flame system. 

Most linear electric fireplaces produce a heat range between 30,000BTUs and 50,000BTUs and heat up between 400 and 600 square feet

Linear electric fireplaces have more than one heating coil and fan. The number of heating coils increases as the length of the fireplace increases. 

A standard linear electric fireplace can use 120V electric output. But a big one with more than three heating coils uses a 240V electric output. 

Why are Linear Fireplaces So Expensive?

Of course, the higher the quality, the higher the price. Many economists say the forces of demand and supply are the reason linear electric fireplaces are expensive. Many people all over the world want this type of electric fireplace but there are few manufacturers hence the high price. 

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However, the size of a linear fireplace also influences the price of the electric fireplace. The big size means that the fireplace has several heating coils and fans. The way it adds beauty and aesthetics is another reason they are expensive. 

The way two rooms can share a linear electric fireplace is another reason they are expensive. 

The durability of this type of fireplace that allows it to be installed both indoors and outdoors also makes them expensive. 

Apart from the durability of this fireplace, it is also safe to use for all age groups and pets. 


Linear electric fireplaces are rectangular-shaped fireplaces with a flame illusion and heating system. They are loved by many designers because they can easily match any type of wall and architectural design. Over the recent years, this type of fireplace has spread all over the world because of its great features. 

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