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Do Electric Fireplaces Have Filters?

Electric fireplaces are a great way of staying warm during the cold winter season. Some of the electric fireplaces have a filter to help keep the air in the house clean. The filters remove particles of dust and dirt from the air. It is also an important feature when it comes to the electric fireplace’s performance. The filters are typically found in the blowers compartment. 

Electric fireplaces are mostly found in homes but can also be found in commercial buildings. They heat the rooms using electricity; no fuel is required. This means they are effective and easier to use compared to other types of fireplaces. If you notice a reduction in the efficiency of your electric fireplace, you need to check the filter. 

Filters can be repaired or totally replaced depending on the damage. Replacing filters will help improve indoor air quality and reduce energy costs. You will need to remove the filter from the fireplace to clean it. The screws holding the enclosing panel have to be removed first. The filter appears as a non-cotton or reusable mesh material. 

How Do I Change or Clean an Electric Fireplace Filter?

Electric fireplaces do not require much maintenance. However, the filters may need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced too. This ensures efficiency for the electric fireplace. The filter is located in the blower compartment of the fireplace unit.

The process of changing the filters depends on the fireplace model. Read the instructions carefully or contact the manufacturer for more information. It is also advised for you to leave the process for the professionals.

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Typically, you unscrew the panels covering the blower compartment. You can then remove the filter from the fireplace component. A vacuum cleaner is used to suck the dust and debris off the filter. Once you are satisfied, place the filter back in position. For a damaged filter, get a new filter from the shop and replace it in the fireplace unit. 

Why Does My Electric Fireplace Filter Get Dirty Frequently?

The electric fireplace filters are meant to clean the indoor air of dust and debris. So, no matter the type of filter you use, it is always bound to get dirty. This means you will have to clean or repair the filter regularly.

Another reason could be a leaky duct. This makes it easy for the filters to get dirty fast. Leaky ducts can reduce the fireplace efficiency and eventually damage it. If you notice it, seek professional help.

The thermostat has to be checked regularly too. This is because it affects the functioning of the fan. The fan should run continuously. If the fan is not working properly, there are high chances of the filter getting dirty. You should contact a HVAC expert for professional help.

Children and pets in the house could also be carriers of dirt and debris. They track in dirt from the outside after playing. Try to control the amount of dirt entering your house. The fireplace will fill up with dust and allergens instead. The solution is to change or clean the filter as directed. Also, keep the air around as clean as possible.

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How Frequent Should You Change Your Fireplace Filter?

It is important to change the fireplace filter frequently to maintain high air quality indoors. The periods vary depending on the filter on your fireplace unit. However, in most electric fireplaces, the filters are changed every 3 to 6 months. They are also changed during peak allergen seasons. If you own pets, you may have to change the filters even more frequently.

Check on the manufacturer’s suggestion of the type of filter on your model. They also offer replacement interval guidelines. With this information, you can purchase the correct filters for convenient replacements. Cleaning the filters may help save up on costs instead of buying new ones. Old filters or damaged ones are better replaced. 

Fireplace Filters Costs

Fireplace filters generally cost $20 to $50. However, if you have pets, you may have to invest more in longer-lasting filters. They do offer better performance with longevity. Also, investing in filters makes sure there is the better air quality in your house. Your health is also in good condition. 

What Happens If You Do not Change the Fireplace Filters

  1. The worst that can happen is the restriction of airflow. This causes overheating of electric fireplaces every time you try turning them on. 
  2. Reduction in the fireplace efficiency. This means you will have to pay more at the end of each month plus disturbing blowing noises from the fireplace. 
  3. Damage to interior components as there is restricted air movement in the unit. 
  4. The scariest of all is the potential of a fire hazard. 
  5. Dirty fireplaces can lead to bacteria build-up mold growth in the fireplace system. 
  6. Uneven temperatures in the house because of uneven heating from the electric fireplace. A damaged filter causes loss of heat in some areas. 
  7. Reduced air quality. This means more allergens are floating around the house and can cause health problems. 
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Technically, an electric fireplace can run without a filter. However, it is not the best idea as you have seen from the consequences above. The fireplace filter is used to maintain good air quality inside the house. Otherwise, you will have poor air quality leading to several health problems. The filters have to be cleaned and maintained to ensure they serve as long as needed. 

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